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Monday, March 2, 2009

Wedding Favorites: Looking Back

Last year I was SO blessed to be able to fly up to Canada to shoot a couple of weddings with my cousin's wife, Heather. She is a wonderfully talented wedding and portrait photographer and we had SOOOO much fun shooting together. :) It's been quite a while since I even looked at the pictures that I took - sad isn't it? - and finally this week was getting around to pulling my wedding portfolio together. Hopefully in the next month or so I'll launch a website specifically for weddings (exciting, no?).

ANY-who, I have some new favorites that I figured I'd share - these are from Cate & Jordan's wedding. They were married right on the St. Johns river and the tide was out - they suggested walking out onto the "beach" and stomping around a bit - of COURSE Heather and I were ecstatic! Who doesn't love a bride and groom willing to stomp around in the mud and salt water?! :)

Heather - again, thanks so much for including me in these weddings! I had SO much fun - plus it was an awesome opportunity to watch you work. :)






A little bit different on these last ones - some added texture :)


J & C Wedding


Anonymous said...

Hey! I wish you could shoot EVERY wedding with me!! And, just a side note... the tide wasn't out on the St. John River... that would be the Bay of Fundy, my dear =) Rivers don't have tides! (this is just another reason why I love you so much!)

Elisabeth Nixon Photography said...

Hee hee! Ok so I was going to say the Bay of Fundy but figured that'd make me look like an IDIOT. SURELY it wasn't the Bay, is what I said to myself. Well, goes to show I AM what I am! :)