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Friday, January 29, 2010

Our Sun-Shiney Day

Yesterday when Olivia woke up the kids had been outside playing for a couple of hours. So, she wanted to join them. (of course.) Ella had her dollhouse & the doll family outside and Olivia LOVES to eat them. The two girls sat next to each other, Ella playing dollhouse, Olivia eating the dollhouse, Ella blowing bubbles, Olivia eating bubbles - fun, eh? :)

It was SO gorgeous - the sun was JUST perfect - and I realized, duh, THIS is why I have a camera! So I ran to grab a couple of pictures of my girls. :) Both are getting SO big, and this is the best I can do to slow them down....just preserve the moments when I get a chance!



Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Olive Juice - a little video

I'm sharing this video of Olivia because I'm feeling a little nostalgic today. She's 6 months old in this - s 3 months ago I took this - and I'm just now seeing it. She's gotten so big since then! :) She still laughs through her nose though, which I ADORE about her. Ignore my annoying "baby" voice - I can't help myself!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Olivia is 9 Months Old!

Well, she was yesterday. Today she is 9 months old and one day. It seems like just yesterday she arrived....well, anyway - in honor of her sweet little self, here are some pictures from yesterday - Enjoy! If you want some more, I'll be posting them on our "family/ministry" blog (here)....rather than all on one place, annoying you with a huge post. :) Happy Friday!!




Oh, those eyes. These are NOT enhanced - I swear!! :)


Nibbly little toes...


She's teething - so the tongue is ALWAYS out, pushing on her sore gums.


Olive's crazy hairs :)





Happy 9 Months, sweet baby girl!! iloveyousomuch


Monday, January 18, 2010

Cousin #3....Another Meisel Family {Central Florida Lifestyle Photographer}

This is the last of the Meisel cousins...three cousins on the Meisel side of my family and we (the "rest" of the Meisel clan) are so pleased that the three of them were given such amazing wives and blessed with such precious families. Honestly...my family rocks. On "all" sides we are blessed.....the Jones side, the Meisel side...Nixon side...even the Rosvik side. (You all knwo who you are!!) It doesn't seem "right" that one family should have such awesome people in it...but then again, none of us are perfect. But we love each other just the way God made us. ;)

This is D's beautiful family. Little M is SUCH a hoot. She makes the BEST expressions (see the picture below where mom and dad are kissing her cheeks!) and she makes you work for her smiles. I love it when you work for a smile because that means it's a smile of great worth...unlike Olivia's - she just hands them out to anybody and everybody. ;) Shoot - I've seen her grinning away at the wall....seriously, that kids just thinks EVERYTHING is funny!

But little M thinks things through....needs to get to know you a little bit....but she lights up for her daddy and mommy!! So here's another installment from way back - Thanksgiving - it's sad it's taken me this long to post about it. :)






Hee hee!




And on a "business" note...the Valentines Day Mini Sessions are a great opportunity for a few pictures like this of your family. :) D & J's pictures (above) were all done in just a few minutes...it doesn't take long to get a few beautiful pictures of your family, loving on each other. Afterall, it is the holiday to celebrate love. :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Valentines Day Mini Sessions - 2010 {Central Florida Photographer}

I am SOO behind in getting this information out - but that isn't going to keep me from offering it. :) I'm doing two seperate days this year - each in a different location. Hopefully this will be good for those of you who want your images to look all "urban" and a little "funky" - and then another day for those of you who want the beautiful natural background. :)

Give me a call at 407 739 6688 or send me an email at elisabethnixonphotography(at)gmail.com - space is extremely limited so these will fill up fast! :) information below...

v-day info-web

Another Meisel Family {Family Lifestyle Photography}

I said last week that I would be blogging soon with some of the other pictures I've done the last few months - namely tons of family pictures we took over Thanksgiving and Christmas. :) Well, let it be said that while I may be late in doing what I say...I WILL do it!

This is another of my cousins (B) and his beautiful wife and daughter. They visited here over Thanksgiving along with the rest of the Meisel family and on Thanksgiving day I followed them out to the field where we did a little "mini" session - VERY mini. In fact - minier than my normal mini sessions! However, plenty of time to capture little K in all her glory! She has the prettiest eyes and sweetest little fingers! :) Enjoy!

Firstly, my FAVORITE image of all...


Which is followed closely by this one of baby K...


She really liked my necklace...and it did keep her in one place, who was I to complain? :)







Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Meisel Family {Central Florida Family Photography}



This family is very special to me....they share my maiden name. :) This is one of my cousins (J) and his family. They were visiting Florida at Christmas time (yes they got to come TWICE this year - both at Thanksgiving AND Christmas - how lucky are they??) and we made some time for some pictures. I was a TOTAL spazz and didn't take ANY pictures of their family while they were here at Thanksgiving and I desperately needed to make up for it. I have pictures of my other cousins (and their families) that I'll share as well - but I'll start with J's family since they are freshly edited and ready to go!

Poor little J was a bit tired but he pulled through and gave us some beautiful pictures. The sun was setting (my FAVORITE time of day!) and we were rushing to finish before dinner - a feast of venison with the family! - but I'm so glad we took the time that we did to do these. I was unable to post just one or two favorites - so you get the whole bunch - here's a slideshow for ya! Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Do: Kyle & Leslie {Central Florida Wedding Photography}

This post is a LOONG time coming but I'm finally doing it - better late than never, right? I mentioned this before when I briefly posted about their wedding, but the day was GORGEOUS. The light was AaaaaaMAAAAAZING. I kept telling them throughout the day that it was just perfect...I can't be the ONLY nerd out there who wanders around muttering under her breath that "the light is just perfect"...

So Leslie & Kyle - thank you for having me photograph your very special day. I hope that you love your images and enjoy reliving the moment together!

The ceremony took place at the Dubsdread Tap Room and the girls got ready a friend's RV. LOTS of laughter and smiles in there!


Some details...





Seeing each other as she came down the aisle...and as they exchanged vows. :) I get all teary when I look at them!



Check out this GORGEOUS huge oak tree they were married under...it totally makes this location one of the most beautiful I've seen here in Central Florida!




How great does Kyle look? Oh - and if I didn't say it before - he and his brother have the best smiles. EVER. As I look through the pictures I find myself grinning and I see others in the pictures who can't help but smile back as well. :)


And the ever beautiful Leslie...she was so calm and ready for this day. :) I loved how quietly she took in the moments during the ceremony and after - and I LOVED watching them party during the reception. Here though, is a quiet moment or two. :)



The FABULOUS wedding party -




And at the end...they were Mr. and Mrs. Lavery :)



Sometimes I find it easier to just drop off the face of the earth...disappear for a little while...at least, I do that in the times when I can't quite pull myself together enough for "the outside world." Matthew asked me on Saturday if I intended to get out of my pajamas...he probably was wondering if his wife was ever going to leave the house again. I told him the truth - no. I didn't get out of my pajamas. I did EVENTUALLY...well, they frown on pajama-weaing at church....so I pulled myself together in time for Saturday evening and have done good every day since.

I find myself slipping back into the bad habit of ignoring everything around me so I don't have to deal with what is REALLY bothering me....all the while I'm miserable and would benefit from forcing myself to go one with life. But last week I didn't feel like it. And I totally indulged myself. I didn't get out of my pajamas. I didn't leave the house. I didn't cook supper...we ate a LOT of pb&j and cereal. The kids came and went with their grandmas and I worked - because I HAD to do that - but anything that I could let slide, I did. I'm better now though. :) Matthew's wife is now dressed again and leaves the house- ha! Poor guy....although he knows me, and he probably expected this out of me.

Last week when Sarah & Markus and the kids left I totally went into this wierd period. I think part of it, too, was because one week later (yesterday) I knew my other sisters, Joanna and Lydia, would be leaving as well. Fortunately, I got all of the sadness & whatnot out of my system last week. So far I'm good with this week. Joanna and Lydia left yesterday with my parents...it's so sad to see them go but I KNOW they are doing what is best for them. They'll have a great time in Chicago together, it'll give them time to reconnect...but now I'm losing both of them too. :) But - never fear - I'm not sayign this to complain. I'm just saying it to, well, explain. I didn't feel like blogging. I didn't hav anythign to say. (Obviously I still don't!) But I will. :)

I have several things to blog about and will be doign that this week....a couple of weddings, lots from the holidays with the kids...sessions that I've never gotten around to sharing....so I'm going to make a point to get out of bed each day, GET DRESSED, and move on with my day.

Oh. And one other thing. I'm working out with Kim Kimmig - she's the local "Baby Boot Camp" trainer and she's going to help me get back into shape. :) It's funny....I have forgotten what it feels like to have every single part of you - even your finger muscles! - hurt so bad. :) That's a good thing....and I'll blog about that too. Off to get out of my pjs and put little O down for her first nap of the day! :)