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Monday, September 24, 2007

Two pictures from tonight . . .

This is Kathryn . . . and tonight we started a maternity session that will last for another 5 months!! She is 4 months pregnant and we're documenting this whole thing! Kathryn and I became immediate close friends in kindergarten and I'm so pleased to have her living nearby again and back in my life regularly!! (Taking these pictures will help with THAT - HA!) :) Here are two from today . . . she's one FUN gal!!

Christmas Cards!

Here is a sample of the Christmas Cards I'm offering this year - all designed by Eva Talley (http://www.evatalley.com/)! For those of you who know the couple below - PLEASE do not read anything into this post!! They are my models and this card is a SAMPLE ONLY. :) Read a few posts down for Christmas Card session deals!! :) I'll add a few extra samples when I have some time!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A few samples of birth announcements...

These birth announcements are just two of many options that I have available. Ethan is featured in both of these, but his information has been changed to protect his privacy. :) The designer of these cards (and all of the others I have available!) is the talented Eva Talley - www.evatalley.com. She does SUCH a beautiful job and I love all of her designs - I can't wait to have more to offer - soon engagement and wedding cards are coming!! I thought these were so cute and wanted to share them - there will be more as I have time to personalize them for showing off. :)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Pictures for fun...

OK these are just for fun. I'm playing around with different styles of processing and seeing how things look.....here are a couple of the kids and Micah with daddy....We were visiting Granny's house to water her plants and stopped down by her lake for some pictures. :) Poor kids - they can't even take a WALK without mommy bringing her camera and harrassing them for pictures!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

My Favorites of Victor

These are pictures of little Victor - another dear friend's baby - or should I say - dear friendS' baby?? :) His daddy and I went to High School together, and his mama and I went on our first overseas mission trip together - Romania. I believe (if I'm correct . . .) that in Romania on THAT mission trip his mama and daddy met for the first time?? Oh well - they can correct me if I'm wrong. :) It's so fun to photograph a baby that has traits from people you know well - a smile here is daddy's . . . and the look in the eyes is mama's . . . it makes the session even more special.

So here's this beautiful baby boy - who passes out after eating - and just cuddles right up, ready for his pictures. Occasionally he'd get a little chill and frown . . . we got some HUGE yawns out of him (see below, my FAVORITES!) . . . and near the end he was hungry again so we got a few frowns out of him as well - but I could not believe how well he "participated" in the session! Not all babies are so helpful - others make ya work for it! (Which is totally different and completely awesome in its own right.) :)

OK without further ado . . . (blah blah blah) . . . my favorite pictures of Victor. :)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Little Ethan

Ethan belongs to Jessica - from the maternity session below. He came just 4 days after we did Jessica's pictures - and was 4 weeks early - SURPRISE! You'll notice that these pictures do not all look the same . . . he got bigger in the last two! :) That's because at Ethan's first session (at 1 week), he was WIDE awake. We didn't get a lot of pictures, so we did a second session at 3 weeks . . . but this little one obviously has plans OTHER than my own! He would sleep for a few seconds, and JUST as we were ready to scoot him into place, AWAKE he'd be with a cry! Lucky for me, all his mama had to do was whisper in his ear and off to dreamland he'd go again, content as could be. :)

CURRENT SPECIALS - Check it out! :)

I have a new and current price list available - send me an email at elisabethnixonphotography@gmail.com and I'll get one to you as soon as possible! I'm currently running two specials - here's the "low-down" on both of them! :)

Christmas Card Special - Book your Christmas Card Mini Session during the months of October and November for only $120! You will receive the following:
30 minute session (up to 4 people)
5-10 proofed pictures to choose from
25 custom christmas cards - I have MANY designs to choose from!
2 5x7s - pictures of your choice
10% off any additional printing (email for price sheet)

(Mini Sessions must be completed AND proofs ordered before December 8th - after that I cannot guarantee you will have your cards in hand before Christmas! Appointment dates & times for Mini Sessions are limited.)

Fall Promotion - 50% off all printing - including both a la carte & print packages! (valid on all sessions booked through October 31, 2007) This promotion CAN be combined with other specials.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Jessica & Stephen: ANTICIPATE

These are my favorites from Jessica's maternity session . . . little Ethan is in there - and little did WE know, he planned his arrival for 4 days after this day - 4 weeks early!! (ACK - just in time!) Jessica was a good sport and put up with my stupid questions of "Can you do this? What if we tried that?" That's the best part about photographing a good friend. :) Her daughter and husband were even kind enough to participate, although Emily didn't last that long. :) We had fun . . . well, at least I did! They are in order of my MOST favorite, to lesser MOST favorite. :)

My "Alivia" Favorites

Here is my good friend's daughter, Alivia - the two year old wonder. :) This adorable fire-ball kept me on my toes and made me WORK for these pictures. I enjoyed EVERY minute of it and I was so pleased with how the photos turned out. These are my favorites from their session . . .

Her chubby feet and round little piggies - SO CUTE! :)

This is a storyboard that we put together - she was making monkey sounds at her mama in the photo on the left . . . and on the right she's wondering what on EARTH her mama is doing (also making monkey sounds)!

Lastly - this is why I call her a fire-ball. She is HAULING it as fast she can to get away from her mama - it was time for a "costume change" and she didn't want any part of it (like any good 2 year old!) . . .
Thank you to Amber and Alivia for a FUN evening - and for the exercise!! HA!

New Blog...

I'm hoping to use this blog to share some of what I'm doing with my photography. I can't promise it'll be every day. . .hopefully at least every week . . . but we'll see. If it's too addicting, I'll be adding constantly and then no one will be able to keep up with me (HA!) - but I don't see that happening. :)

I'll throw up some photos from past sessions - mostly just my favorites overall - and as I continue to proof other client's sessions, I'll add my favorites from those as well! Enjoy! :)