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Friday, June 24, 2011


Joshua&Emily-124 by elisabethnixon
Joshua&Emily-124, a photo by elisabethnixon on Flickr.
So I have....well....about two years (at LEAST) of blogging to catch up on. I'll get to that later. But I want to share one picture - just one. :) I'm insanely/rediculously/totally/*insert other "-ly" type words* PROUD of this picture. I can't even remember how it happened - but these two were SO much fun to photograph. :) Then we pulled out the super cool Samurai-sword-style-umbrella and as the sun flashed through it when they opened the umbrella, IT HIT ME. Make out behind the umbrella. Yup, been done before - even by me - but I've never had it turn out this good for me. :) So yeah, here's me - proclaiming my love for a photo I recently took. I don't do this often....and you can ask Joshua and Emily - I totally shouted, punched my fist into the air like *THIS*, twirled around and then jumped A.LOT. The whole time saying, "Yes! YES! I got it! YAAAYYY!" :) Very non-humble of me, I know. At least I can admit it, right? ;)