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Thursday, October 30, 2008


Meet little Lola . . . she reached a milestone as I photographed her - one week old. :) I was reminded over and over again why newborn sessions are so much easier the "newer" the newborn. :) They're so sleepy and pretty much oblivious to most of what's going on around them! It definately makes my job a whole lot easier - but that doesn't mean it can't be done later on - it just requires a little more perserverance. :)

Lola and her family were a joy to photograph - it was especially nice to have her grandma there, and special to get a "three generations" picture. Her brother, Lukas, wasn't exactly into the whole thing . . . but he was definately into some m&ms (who isn't?) - and thank you to his grandma for doing such a great job of catching his attention with them! :)

Alright, enough babble - here's a little sneak peek for her family. I hope you guys enjoy it - thanks for allowing me to be a part of this special time in your life!

(Lola wasn't exactly on board with the "three generations" picture . . . but she is still a lovely addition to this family!) :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Little Logan

Meet little Logan . . . my new friend. :) We got to spend some time together yesterday afternoon . . . isn't he just beautiful? Adrienne and Mark, thanks for having me into your home and for taking good care of me. :) Congratulations to both of you, Logan is a sweet baby and you both are wonderful parents. He's one lucky little dude! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek. :)

Logan is already a football fan, like his daddy . . . I was happy to see they had good colors for him to lay on . . . I would have had a hard time photographing this picture if it'd been on green and orange! :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Morning Family

So I'm just home for a few minutes . . . and I couldn't just leave the pictures of Lana's family alone. :) Here are six more from this morning and I cannot wait to finish up the rest! What a beautiful family, and lots of love there . . . the best kind of family! Off to a newborn session this afternoon . . . so more "sneak peeks" will be coming your way!

I think this is my favorite from the whole day . . . :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Lana & Family...continued :)

This poor family - they are going to have way too many pictures to have to choose from. I'm sorry you guys! I know we'll meet up on Sunday and get a ton more, but I thought you wouldn't mind seeing a few more before Sunday. :) A few more favorites . . .


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lana & Family

I got to spend some time tonight with the Olver family. Unfortunately, the rains came through just as we were getting going, so we've rescheduled and will have more to share in a few days. :) Lucky for me, this is a photogenic bunch and even with the few minutes we did have, we got some sweet pictures.

Little Lana is the same age as my Ella and BOY would they have fun together! Lana was dressed in her Halloween "finest" as a beautiful fairy and she skipped, twirled, and flitted about for me. I have a TON of images to proof just from that . . . but I'll share my favorite two. The first is a fave because - honestly - how beautiful is SHE?!? The second one probably nobody will "get" but me . . . technically it's all wrong . . . and in so many ways it bugs me . . . but then - I can't delete it. I LOVE it. I love the motion of her twirl, I love her hands out in front "spelling" with her wand. :) So - wrong or not, it's an instant favorite of mine. Nobody else has to like it. :)
Lastly, here are some of the family - a beautiful bunch eh? I'm going to have to be funnier for our rescheduled session though . . . Lana's wit and humor FAR surpasses mine (what does that say about me?!) and while I won't share with you her "joke" you can see how much it makes her parents laugh. :)


A Letter of Apology.

Doesn't everybody clean house like this?? :)

Today I proved, once again, that I am indeed losing my mind. At this point, even though I haven't said much on here (the blog) about being pregnant with our 3rd child, I figure you've all figured it out. If not . . . surprise! :) (It was a surprise to us, so it should be a surprise to you too!) With my first child, Micah, I definately noticed I was scattered . . . more than normal. With Ella, my second, there were some who mentioned I was becoming more and more like my mother. (Whom I absolutely adore and pray I can be even a TEENY bit like . . . and yet, she's the first to admit she's also lost her mind.) :)

Now the third time . . . yes, I am definately headed down the path to insanity. Each day brings a new opportunity for me to embarass myself - often publicly - and to hopefully bring a bit of levity to the day of those around me fortunate enough to witness my complete loss of mind. Today was no exception. Today was our cleaning day - there are people coming over tonight and I figured they probably wouldn't enjoy wading through the breakfast cereal my kiddos have left crumpled around on the carpet. And so, I brought out my dyson. My favorite cleaning tool. Not only is it a vacume and therefore capable of making me exceedingly happy (I'm a little neurotic - I like STRAIGHT lines, all in the same direction in my carpet and I'm the happiest when I achieve this goal) but it also is THE vacume of vacumes. The day we purchased our Dyson is a day we celebrate annually . . . ahh . . . Target, you've made me so happy - thank you for the additional percentage off on that very special day. :)

Unfortunately, today I thought my Dyson had let me down. The beater bar on the front wasn't beating. (At least I didn't think it was . . . ) I had laid it down and checked - nope, no beating. I studied the vacume for a while (and admired its beauty and suction strength) and decided to call the number that was so conveniently displayed on the side of the vacume . . . the Dyson Help Hotline . . . yes, that's what I'd do. For surely there was something gravely wrong with my Dyson and I was in dire need of help. I'll leave it there and let the following image explain what happened next. Once again, I have proven to myself (and the Dyson Help Hotline people) that I have indeed lost my mind.

And because I can't do ANYTHING without the help of my little princess . . .

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Christmas Comes Quickly . . .

Are you ready? :) I'm not . . . honestly - WHERE did the last year go?? I mentioned some Christmas Mini-Sessions that I'll be holding this year - so far I've got two dates available with 30 minute slots. This is for 1-2 children, adding more will incur additional fees and we'll extend your session time to make sure we get everybody in.

The weekend dates that are available are Saturday, November 8th and Sunday, November 9th. If needed, I'll schedule additional Saturday dates on November 15th. However, ALL orders must be placed by TUESDAY, November 18th to insure delivery in time for Christmas mailing. (I'll be on vacation with my family during the Thanksgiving holidays and will place any orders before I go -- Yippee for vacation, right?!?) :)

So your Christmas Mini-Session . . . here's what it includes... 30 minutes with Mu-ah (me) and 5-10 finished images to choose from in an online gallery ($75 value). The whole "point" of the Christmas session is to get your Christmas Cards - so included is a set of 24 one-sided flat cards ($50 value) and you can upgrade to the folded cards, if you'd like, for an additional fee. Also included is your choice of either 2 4x6 prints or 1 8x10 print (both $50 value). Need I sweeten the deal? Ok then . . . with the purchase of a Mini-Session you'll have the opportunity to purchase additional sets of cards (24 per set) at 30% off. Any additional prints you might wish to order will also be offered at 30% off - so now is definately a good time to stock up on some Christmas gifts if you're in need! :)

Alrighty - a price then. The Christmas Mini-Sessions are $100 (1-2 children/participants) and you're welcome to add more, $15 per person. SO, that's a $175 value for $100 - and check out the beautiful cards I have available to you this year . . . all custom made by incredible designers and I am honestly so excited to offer them to you! So send me an email, give me a call - there aren't a lot of sessions available (10 left at this point) - or see me NEXT Tuesday, the 28th. :)


Friday, October 17, 2008

Heather, 7 months

While I was in Canada with Heather we figured it was a good time for a second maternity session. We tried to do stuff that wasn't so "typical" because Heather isn't really your typical gal - and she likes the sun flare as much as I do - so we went for THAT. :D (OK that's not true, I like sun flare MORE . . . if that's possible . . . )

Anyway, I figured I'd blog a couple of them. Oh and the last one - well, that's what happens when you're trying to shoot with kittens (and a big dog!) around. Griffen managed to stay out of most of my pictures, but Little Kitty made himself right at home. :)

(I can't decide if I like color or B&W better - I THINK I like the B&W better, but was unable to make up my mind. Sorry)
I like better...
Heather and her "boys"
Nosey Cats :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sneak Peek . . .

I said I'd have something "special" at my table during the Open House on Tuesday night. I wasn't kidding . . . I won't have many of these - there is a limited amount of them, first come, first served. :) (We open at 5:30!!) I'm really looking forward to this and definately hoping people are able to come and hang out - and if you get some cool stuff while you're there, great!

I'll be booking Christmas "mini-sessions" - also on a first come, first served basis. I will have two dates available, 30 minutes per session. The price is based on one child/person per session - if you have more, we can talk. We'll have to extend the "mini-session" a bit because the more people involved, the longer it takes. :) Included in the "mini-session" are a set of custom-made Christmas cards ($50 value!) and of course I can't let you leave without something for YOU. You'll get your choice of 2 4x6 desk prints or 1 8x10 ($50 value!). If you're interested feel free to email or better yet - come see me Tuesday! :) These sessions will fill up quickly as there is very limited space - 2 available dates at this point. If the response is overwhelming, of course I will add an extra date or two! However, all sessions will be completed before the middle of November to leave plenty of time to order the Christmas cards and give YOU time to mail them to your family and friends.

Here's the sneak peek of what will be on my table . . . this is a folded bookmark - so you see the front, inside spread, and the back here. Enjoy! :) See you Tuesday!