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Friday, March 27, 2009

SO much fun - TOO much fun . . .

Have I mentioned that I'm not sure which part of photography I like more, the actual shooting or the editing? The shooting is a blast - I get to hang with the coolest, kindest people and do what I can to preserve that moment in time . . . but then the giant nerd in me just LOVES sitting at the computer, music playing, editing pictures to my little heart's content. :)

I'm finishing up Stacy's senior session and just had to share a few more. I think I'm liking the route they've taken . . . I never quite know where I'll end up. As I shoot each image, in the back of my head I can SEE how I want the finished product to look. What is "in" my camera is just the start of what is in my mind . . . and I'm having way too much fun with Stacy's senior pictures - they are totally turning out EXACTLY how they appeared in my head as I took them. :D Yay for THAT!







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