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Friday, March 13, 2009

Stacy - Class of '09

Last night I met up with Stacy, her mom and her sister. We had so much fun! (OK I shouldn't speak for all of us - but I had a great time!) We started out in her formal dress (which she TOTALLY rocked!) and then moved onto some more casual stuff. I've known Stacy and her family, well, since I remember - they've always been friends of my family's - and it is so cool to see her grown up into such a beautiful young woman!

Last year I photographed her brother, David, and we discussed yesterday how different it is to see a guy all grown up than a girl. :) Stacy has changed - but she hasn't - she's still herself, just older, taller, even more beautiful. But it definately was harder to get over seeing her brother last year - REALLY grown up - I think maybe because they turn into men?? And me, being - you know - a girl and all, it shocks me! Perhaps if I were a dude it would be the other way around . . .

OK enough blabber - Stacy, I had SO much fun with you yesterday - thanks for trying out some stuff with me and for not laughing at me when I almost killed myself. ;) There are so many more pictures to come - can't wait to share them with you - but for now, just a little teaser ;)

Stacy - class of '09

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Anonymous said...

Stacey is beautiful -- these pictures just prove it more!
great job e. from mom