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Friday, August 29, 2008

Back Home!

We're home - safely arrived in Sanford last night around 11pm. It's so nice to be back with the kids - I missed them desperately these last two days - but we are already missing our family up in Canada.

Just wanted to write one thing in particular - to all of those who have left messages or emails with me this past week. :) Old Clients and new - I will get back to you as SOON as possible! Thank you so much for your interest and your kind words as we travelled. :) Some of you may hear from us over this holiday weekend but for the most part I'll be back to "work" next week on Tuesday, the 2nd. :)

I hope everybody has a wonderful Labor Day Weekend - restful and spent with those you love. :) Adding a couple of pictures of Matthew and I, from the Hopewell Rocks at the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick.



Oh, and here is Little Kitty - Heather and Dave's new cat . . . isn't he SWEET? :)


Friday, August 22, 2008

Letters to Home:

Dear Micah and Ella (and other family that we've left behind) -

We're having a great time! It's been so fun to see Grampie and Grammy Jones and tonight we're having supper with a bunch of the fam - it's Uncle Donnie & Aunt Debbie's anniversary bbq - yay! Hotdogs, hamburgers, lemonade, potatoe salad . . . oh and brownies. :) I'm looking forward to this a lot!

It was actually kind of COLD up here the last two days (which we really enjoyed!) but today it's warmed back up and will stay thta way until we leave. I'm guessing about 80 degrees in the sun -not at ALL bad. :) Everybody here is hot but we're very comfortable.

Uncle Dave and Aunt Heather have a brand new kitty - until today his name was "newest kitty" but now we're calling him Otis. (There is another cat who is "new kitty" until he gets his name - but he's not a kitten and for some reason "new kitty" really suits him!) Griffin has gotten SO big! He was a big puppy with lots of energy and now he's a BIG dog (like a small horse!) who just wants to love on us and lick us! I'm really enjoying Griffen and I bet you guys would too - Ella would probably terrorize him, and it would be funny because he would LET Ella terrorize him!

Last night I took some pictures of Aunt Heather and Uncle Dave - and little baby on board too! The fields up here are so beautiful in the evenings and the light is AMAZING on top of the hills. We miss you guys a lot and sometimes I'm wishing you were here to play with us and the animals . . . show you all the farm stuff around. :) MIcah, you would love all of the tractors and trucks around here! But, it's nice to spend some time with just Daddy - so we'll be really happy to see you guys when we get back. :)

Not a drop of rain up here since we arrived - I suppose all of that is down South with you guys - hope you don't wash away! We love you so much and can't wait to see you next week! We're going camping for a few days so we won't have much to say but we'll check in later :) Here's Aunt HEather and Uncle Dave:


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rock what U Got...

rock what u got


I love this band :) OK so no, the picture is not OF the band - that's the SUPER cool chicks - Lydia, Joanna and myself - and Paul :) We had WAY too much fun.

I'm getting ready to leave for a week - leavin' the kids behind (boohoo and yeah!) and Matthew and I are headin' out for some time together. :) I'll keep in touch and I might even get to blog our travels a bit :) C-ya!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Princess Ewwa (Ella)

Last Wednesday, while Micah was at his first day of school, Ella and I went and did some girly stuff. Things we've never been able to do before because, well, Micah wouldn't have had ANY fun. We met up at Libby Lou's with some of Ella's girl-friends (and mine!) and the girls got all dressed up! Ella was a princess (or so she says), and her friends were other things like fairies, Hannah Montana, and superstars. :)

I don't know if I've ever seen Ella so happy - so in her element. She was born to do make up, nail polish, hair styles . . . GLITTER in her HAIR. Yes, they went all out with these little girls. :) Then she found a hoola-hoop and went to town in the entrance of the store while waiting for her friends to be finished. They all had so much fun! Here are the pictures of Ella's transformation, and at the end are Ella and Emily . . . Emily is a beautiful fairy, wearing my favorite dress-up outfit of the day. :) (also glittered up!)

ella mirrorella toties
ella makeupella smile
ella waitella crown
emily hair
ella hair
ella & emily

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hi! Meet Matthew and Elisabeth!

Isn't this fun? I should have been doing other things today but . . . these are cool! :) You can go to this website and make your own. They don't look exactly like us, but then they don't make girls with freckles all OVER the face and they don't make super short or super tall people either. :D
Me :)My hubby :D

On a more serious note - today was Micah's first day of school. It was a fun day for him - and a bit of a sad day for us! We're so proud of him though, and he had fun. :D He's ready to go back tomorrow! Here he is, our big boy!
day 1
day 1

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sistah Session!

Tonight I said good-bye - no, not good-bye . . . "See ya later!" to my sister Joanna. She leaves early tomorrow morning for Chicago - she's off to college . . . we did this a couple of years ago and we've So enjoyed having her around the last while! But now, alas, it's her time to go . . . and go she will. I'm so excited for her - I know that she will do well and have a wonderful time - but I'm kinda sad for me (boo-hoo, cry me a river, I know . . . ) - because we miss having her around close by! (And no, it's not JUST because she babysits - but we really REALLY love having her close!)

OK well we've been trying for weeks to put together a quick session of her and time has not allowed it. Tonight was our absolute LAST chance - so we took it. :) She even talked Paul into joining us for a bit - and we had a blast! :) What a great way to celebrate their last night in stinkin' hot Florida! :D I love you so much Joanna and I am VERY excited for you! We will be praying for you as you travel and looking forward to hearing ALL about Moody! :) I hope you like these . . . they are WAY too much fun to play with!

Love you Joann-ia! :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mark & Adrienne: ANTICIPATE

This afternoon I spent some time with Mark and Adrienne, during a maternity session. What a sweet couple! Their excitement about little L is contagious, and I have to say it was so sweet to just see the two of them together. Adrienne has smiles that are exclusive to Mark - and every once in a while she would turn away from him with that smile and I'd get a quick shot at it. :) Mark was, of course, the perfect father-to-be and indulged Adrienne and I in almost all of our ideas. (We couldn't talk him into the green polka-dot top though . . . ) ;)

In all seriousness, thank you to both of you for a great afternoon - I really did have a fun time getting to know you! I'm excited to meet L eventually and share another session with you to celebrate his birth. :) I hope you enjoy your sneak peek - these are just a few that caught my eye as I looked through the files this afternoon!


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Noah - Noah - Bo - Boah!

I know that I already posted some images from Noah's session but I can't help it - I absolutely have to share some more. I won't tell you how many pictures are in his gallery - but I will tell you that I feel bad for his mama and daddy! I've never had so much trouble narrowing down a set of pictures . . . and I couldn't just NOT show them. So, sorry (again) to Noah's mom and dad - I apologize for the overwhelming number of pictures - but, well, I'm just not THAT sorry. :)

Here are several more to share today . . . beacause he is just absolutely GORGEOUS and everybody should see it! :)

08007-48 08007-51

Thursday, August 7, 2008

GFP & ENP: The Swap

I met up with a friend tonight - well, I should be honest and say she's really my sister's friend - but now she's my friend too! We've been chatting on facebook, discussing how much FUN we would have together - and we planned to do a "head-swap" session - I shoot her, she shoots me. Should be easy, right? We were rained out twice and finally, tonight was the night. :)

This is Jordan of Green Flamingo Photography (awesome name, eh?) - oh and she is SO FUNNY! :) We had a blast (well, I did - I'm just assuming I wasn't the only one who had a great time) . . . Any-who, The ones of Jordan I took . . . and the ones of me, Jordan took. (That's not too hard, right?) We scouted out some new locations and I'm super pumped to get back to them and do some more shooting! Jordan, thanks so much - we need to do this again sometime (and again, and again, and again . . . )

For starters, here's a little number I like to call "too much fun with the wacom tablet" - it's a group effort by ENP and GFP . . . nice, huh?


I suppose I could share the original as well - and no, Jordan isn't a model (currently) but she WAS very close to meeting Tyra Banks at the casting call for America's Next Top Model. :D

no graffiti
self portraits


And now, one of me . . . if I hear ANY snickers or chortling over me sharing this picture, somebody is gonna get it! And you know who you are!! Don't think I can't hear it already! :)


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Product to Share!

So today I thought I'd introduce a new product that I'm offering. I am SO excited about these - they seem small and insignificant to some - but I think this might be my favorite product that I offer. (Yes, more favorite than canvases!)

Introducing . . . DVD Slideshows! These slideshows include all (or your selection) of the images from your gallery, set to music. So you thought you liked the pictures when you saw them online for the first time? How about sitting down in front of your TV in your comfy chair and watching them HUGE on the screen in front of you, sounds good eh? Right now I have a couple of music options but with time the selection will grow. Music perfect for babies, fun for the children, celebrate and rock out with the grads - I'm REALLY excited, can you tell?

I'll be adding other sample slideshows throughout the rest of the week so feel free to check back to this website later on - for now you can view Noel's slideshow.


Fun ideas:

- Christmas presents for grandparents, aunts & uncles . . .
- A beautiful way to keep EVERY single image in your gallery without needing to purchase prints of them all . . .
- A fun way to share your family session with family and friends . . .
- Share the link on Facebook or MySpace . . .

These are just a few of the ways I can see this new product being used. Ok so some product information for ya -

- The DVD Slideshow is available for purchase after you've spent $300
- The DVD is $100 for the first copy - but additional copies after are only $30!
- The images on the DVD are not files that you can print from, it is for viewing as a slideshow only.
- For your convenience and easy sharing, the slideshow will be available to view on my website.
- The actual DVD comes beautifully displayed and ready to give as a gift. (I'll have images soon to share!)

Any questions? Let me hear 'em! :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

New Layout, New Look

Alrighty then . . . I think I'm almost done with the changes around here. Hopefully next week I'll get to the website - but it's been a good day. I managed to make most of my changes without too much chaos (or accidental deletion!) - and that's a reason to rejoice. :) I hope nobody minds the new bigger pictures but honestly, the little pictures have always bothered me. I have longed to share my pictures BIG and bold - but never quite could make it work. SO, if you are having trouble getting things to load or whatever, leave a comment or shoot me an email and I'll continue to work at it to make sure this site doesn't only please ME but works great for everybody else too. :)

Micah starts school in 11 days - I can't believe it. My teary moments are getting longer each day - I'm certain that on his first day of school I'll be an absolute WRECK but I've got good friends who have made plans to keep me busy that morning after I drop him off. :) Ella . . . well, she's just so beautiful that it hurts me to look at her. Here are my kiddos - happy, healthy (finally!) and enjoying a good lounge on my bed today. :)


OK so I'm making changes to the blog today - I apologize if it looks strange for a while. Bear with me - I promise to change it back to the way it was if I can't make it do what I want! :) One adorable picture . . . just because I can. :)