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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Time slips away all too fast. I look at Olivia and how big she's getting already and I get a little panicky. Like when I'm playing a game and the timer is almost up...you can see the last few grains of sand slipping even more quickly to the other side....and you know there's nothing you can do to stop it.

Now don't get me wrong - watching Micah and Ella will also make my heart leap within my chest and I'll want to freeze the moment, forcing them to stay little....but for some reason Olivia's changes seem more drastic right now. :) Every day she changes - this week she's started "talking" and I love watching the kids with her! They talk to her, she makes some strange baby noise back at them and they LAUGH and laugh. Then they want to know what she said - so I usually make up something rediculous which results in more uncontrolled giggling.

The point of this blog today is this: I'm losing time! I've LOST time! So I'm going to do something I've tried before - but I really want to make it happen this time. haha - now I'm over-using the word "time" and it's going to get annoying.... ;)

My camera is not going back in the camera bag. It will be out, all the time, and every day I will MAKE myself take SOME sort of picture of the kids. What we're doing - no matter who looks scrappy or how the house looks.....because it's what WE look like, right now. Now, that doesn't mean I'm going to record what I look like, right now. NOBODY wants to see that! ;) Anyway- I won't blog every day's pictures but I thought maybe somebody else "out there" was feeling the same pressure of losing the moments.....and if you are, grab your camera and join me!

These are not going to be my best work - none of these photos will end up in any sort of "portfolio" - but it will hopefully be something I can keep up with and be able to look back and see changes. Photographing my kids once or twice a month isn't cutting it....they're way too cute to lose these days together!!

Now to get a video camera to capture Micah telling every one of us that he loves us, and to get Ella warbling in her little LOUD voice..... ;) (Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday.....Matthew) :)

Today's pictures - taken before 8am. Kids in PJs, Olivia swinging....Micah's already changed his name to Luke Skywalker for the day. :)





Monday, June 29, 2009

We survived!

VBS, that is. :) Yes, last week was Vacation Bible School at our church and we made it through the week! We had a wonderful time - Olivia spent the week hanging out happily in the arms of the sweet nursery ladies, Ella played with a couple of girls all week and Micah was able to go to the Kindergarten class. So yeah - we had a great time - I worked in the Bible room and the kids were so great this year! They listened so well and participated with the games and story time . . . but NOW . . . I am TIRED! :)

It was a LOOOOONG week. I've kinda gotten used to meandering around in the mornings. I mean, we're awake nice and early - but then I might fall back asleep with Olivia until 8:30 or so and then we eventually get moving for REAL around 9:30. But to be out of the house by 8:20 I had to book it around the house in the mornings. (Truth be told, Friday I slept in on accident and we were over an hour late....OOPS!)

Anyway, NO pictures were taken last week - well, I do have some from an engagement session that I can't wait to blog - but here's a little something of the little peanut who is growing SO BIG and her big brother and sister. :)



Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

I know, I know - I'm once again severely neglecting the blog . . . and I'm sorry. But I'm also just neglecting to pick up my camera. Don't get me wrong - I'm up to my eyeballs in editing photos - just not spending as much time right now behind the camera, where I'd rather be. :)

Tomorrow is Father's Day - I figured since it's 10:30 we can go ahead and get an "early" start on it. :) Micah and Ella have a special message for their dad. Hopefully you can figure it out - but if not, he'll get it anyway. ;) Oh and since Olivia couldn't send the message herself, I figured I'd include "The Many Faces of Olivia." Well, a few of them. ;) This just goes to show that at home all I really ever get are quick snapshots - but that's life, eh?? ;)

Happy Father's Day Matthew - you are an absolutely amazing daddy to our children and I am every day thankful that God gave you to me for a husband and a friend - and that He also gave us these three beautiful kiddos. You are tender towards them, loving and kind. You're a LOT of fun, you will play legos and games and "boxing", and then turn around and be the Prince of the ball with Ella. I've even seen you dressing the barbies - don't think I'm not watching!! :) Olivia smiles for you like nobody else (surely not like that for ME!...) and she follows your every move, listens to your every word - she's loved you straight from the womb. :) You are a wonderful daddy -- these three are so blessed.




Sunday, June 14, 2009

Little Payton - Central Florida Lifestyle Photographer

Sweet little Payton here was HANDS DOWN the easiest baby I've ever photographed. :) She was so good to me! I arrived and she was awake, rocking outside on the front porch with her mama. She loves the outdoors and her mama was hoping she'd fall asleep if given long enough. I suggested we just do the session outside since she likes it so much!

We moved to the back porch where the light was beautifully bouncing off the ceiling and floors. Granted, it's HOT here this time of year - even at 10 in the morning! - and so it didn't take long for me to start dripping sweat. But little Payton was as happy as could be - warm and snuggly. Thank you so MUCH to her mama for keeping me hydrated and even getting a fan for me . . . at one point I was a little concerned I'd melt. :) (That's what I get for wearing jeans in summer, right??)

Anyway, I can't tell you how much fun it was to photograph Payton because she was SOOO sleepy and SOOO flexible. :) She let me play and play . . . she fussed just long enough for her mama to feed her and then she was out again. I was in HEAVEN with this tiny little girl!! (And what a BEAUTY!! Believe me - not ALL babies are this beautiful, even my little Olivia looks a bit like a snake - ha!!)

Well, I'll just have to let you see for yourselves. :)












Saturday, June 13, 2009

Father's Day Minis - Florida Children's Photographer

You will probably recognize this next little guy - it's my buddy Victor. :) Victor's mama is the one who hosted the Father's Day Mini Sessions on Monday and Victor was the first of the day to play with me. (You'll notice his sleepy eyes in the first picture . . . he was a bit bleary-eyed at the start.) :)

He's so funny because USUALLY you'll get the most AWESOME smiles and crazy faces out of Victor - but on Monday he was all about the seriousness. Seriously. Later on, in true "Victor" form, as his little friends were getting THEIR pictures taken, he would wander over and give me cheesy smiles and participate in their session for a few minutes. :) I have lots of pictures with happy Victor in the background!! He cracks me up....





Friday, June 12, 2009

Father's Day Minis - Florida Children's Photographer

This is Becton. Becton's daddy is a HUGE Auburn football fan - and while you might not be able to see it in these photos, Becton was decked out in true Aubbie style. He even had a little "Aubbie" with him (tiger mascot)! Daddy's hat, the Auburn blanket, the children's BOOK - he was ready to be a star. :) The only thing that was missing was ....... flowers??

Yes, Becton spent most of his time picking flowers (he has GREAT taste - ORANGE!) and he showered his mama and I with sweet smelling gifts the whole time. (OK so they weren't very sweet smelling, marigolds are a repellant for a reason!!) ;) Becton totally reminded of me of my Micah at this age - Micah was always fascinated with flowers - and what would happen when you pulled them apart, just like Becton!!





Thursday, June 11, 2009

Father's Day Minis - Central Florida Lifestyle Photographer

This is a family of sweet kiddos that participated in the mini sessions on Monday - and in my first blog about the day, I had said there was only one little girl there. SOOO not true! I had forgotten about Alice - and THANK YOU to Veronica for reminding me! :) Alice, I don't know how I could have forgotten about your beautiful blue eyes (and those kickin' sunglasses!), but I'm really sorry!

Unfortunately I do not know how to spell all of their names, but I"m going to take a stab at it anyway. Kaleel (the eldest) was awesome at entertaining the little ones . . . he had his basketball and he would help me by standing JUST behind me and whoever I was photographing would just WATCH (wishing that they were old enough to do that too!) - he was so kind to do that for me. :) ('Cuz ya know, if you're trying to photograph somebody who is just itching to watch somebody ELSE, you might as well work WITH the other person, right??) ;) And Kaleel is just way cooler than me, I'm not afraid to own up to it!

Caleb was a little shy with me but he did give me some AWESOME smiles - I just had to earn 'em. :) And Alice . . . she has GROWN in the past year! She holds her own with those brothers of hers, but they obviously adore her and probably are wrapped around her finger and don't even know it.




Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Father's Day Minis - Central Florida Lifestyle Photographer

Here's a second dose of the mini sessions we did on Monday. This is Michael - you've seen his adorable face on the blog before. :) What a cutie, eh? And good news . . . his mama is due with Michael's little brother in October so there will soon be another boy equally as handsome as Michael! Congrats again mama (and daddy and Michael...)





Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Father's Day Minis - Florida Lifestyle Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing a group of REALLY cute kiddos on Monday - SSSHHH!! They are presents for their daddys. :) I thought today I'd stick little Lily on the blog, the only girl of the bunch yesterday. Her mama tried to get her to go to sleep so we could get some pretty baby pictures but Lily had other ideas. In fact, I think her mama will agree - her idea was pretty good!

These sparkly blue eyes and the gorgeous smile is every BIT as cute (maybe cuter!) than sleeping pictures . . .





Monday, June 8, 2009

Me & My Daddy - Florida Lifestyle Photographer

I've been meaning to get a few pictures of Matthew and Olivia together and it just hasn't happened. To be honest, there's about a two week gap between these pictures and the last ones I took of her . . . she has changed a lot and I've gone and missed it! Well, life is busy and some days the best we can do is pull out the cell phone and snap a quick one with it, right?

So last night on the way home from church the sun was setting and it was just beautiful outside. The sky was a beautiful clear blue, the grass so green - it wasn't nearly as hot as it had been earlier in the day . . . and Olivia was quite happy. All good reasons to stop and remember the moment, right? (Plus it helps that all of us were dressed somewhat nicely and most of our hairs were combed....)

Here's Olivia and her daddy - she's almost 7 weeks old now. :) Micah and Ella still love her and we are all doing just great.




And of course, Micah and Ella :)



My favorite now - just for fun :)


Thursday, June 4, 2009

FUNNIEST of the Bunch!

Kay and I have been emailing back and forth - she leaves Saturday and I'm hoping to have more for her to look at as far as a peek of what's to come. :) This evening I made considerable progress and at one point I stopped and just had to laugh!

Chuck and Kay have six of the funniest grandkids. A couple in particular just CRACKED me up - well, no, at some point in the night EACH of them said or did something that was just so cute and so funny. :) No wonder they talk about these kids all the time! I would too if they belonged to me. Here's a couple of pictures that Ginger caught on the dance floor - Oh my goodness, it just makes me laugh to see it again. :)



I continued through the pictures and after I'd wiped the tears of laughter out of my eyes, I came across these. :) I remember every single shot I took of Kay and her daughter dancing together. Kay had asked the band to play a special song for her and Lauren - My Girl. If my mom had been there, I'd have grabbed her and we'd have had a special moment as well. :) I just loved seeing the relationship that Kay and Lauren have - Lauren really IS Kay's girl.