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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

And the winner is . . . !

OK so before I announce the winner, I will explain how I did this as fairly as possible. :) No, Matthew's comment didn't count - although I wouldn't put it past him to "hide" the iTunes gift card before I mail it out! (He's always on the lookout for something new for his ipod.) But I did think it was sweet of him to leave one . . .

You all blew me away - there were 170 visits yesterday to the blog - that's the most EVER in one day - by FAR!! I realize that number isn't big by the world's standards - but to me it is. :) Thanks so much for everybody playing along with me - and I'm so glad that so many of you left a comment . . . I wish you ALL could win, I really do!!

There were 26 comments left yesterday. Three of them don't count - mine (in response to somebody else), Matthew's and a duplicate comment. However, the comments weren't all left on yesterday's post - so I combined all of the comments left (since I didn't SPECIFY that comments left on yesterday's post were the only ones that counted) - and put you all in order. :) However, for all of that work (I create my own troubles with my current brainless/pregnant state), random.org kinda didn't care!

Here's all of you, entered into random.org . . .

The winner....

And here is who random.org picked!

The winner

Congratulations Jaimee! :) Jaimee is the older sister of Kathryn - one of my best and oldest friends. Jaimee is ALSO (and she might say more importantly!) the Aunt of Benjamin - one of the CUTEST babies alive on the planet. For her sake (and the sake of all of us - because WHO doesn't need a bit of baby-love at 8 in the morning?) . . . here come pictures of Benjamin to celebrate her win. (Jaimee - I'll email you!)

Baby B

Baby B . . .

1 comment:

Jaimee said...

He is just too cute! Thanks for the contest and thanks for posting pictures of B this morning.