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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Lugo Family {Central Florida Family Photographer}

Ahh....my face hurts. At least, this is what I posted on my dear friend Veronica's facebook page a couple hours ago. This morning I was able to meet up with her and THE FAM and take some pictures for them - what a fun Christmas present idea, huh? I should totally do this next year for MYSELF! haha!

Anyway, my face hurts because as I sat here going through the images my smile got bigger...and bigger....and eventually I had to stop myself and massage my cheeks, reminding myself that I do NOT need to grin like a cheshire cat at the computer screen! Alas, that stern talking-to only lasted about 30 seconds because as soon as I resumed my "work" the smile came back. :)

A quick "Merry Christmas" to my sweet, wonderful friend....I hope your family loves them and that you do too!

Let me start by mentioning how COLD it was out this morning! We met at 9am and it was STILL freezing!!

So we took lots of these...

And then of course some of these :)


And ooh-la-la some of THESE....

And anyone who knows the Lugo family KNOWS that a LOT of "this" was involved! :)


Oh those Lugo kids...they're so much fun :)


Monday, December 20, 2010

Marco + Briley {Central FL Wedding Photographer}

Just a quick sneak peek from a wedding... I have so much catching up to do in blogging, but right now it's just one step at a time. :) Isn't young love sweet?!


Friday, December 17, 2010

A mess of things...

That's what I've made. :) A big messy mess of things. I won't go into detail - at least not right now....but I'm making some changes. Personally, professionally...well, basically I'm taking a big step back and looking at things with some perspective. At least I'm going to try to. :)

I'm the kind of person who can't say no....and because of that I've said yes to about 30 things too many, so now my goal is to get through ALL of those things and then STOP.

Full stop. Recharge. Restore. Remove the unnecessary - that which is keeping me from enjoying moments with my little ones, my husband, my family, my friends...and then Restart. We'll see how it goes but for now, aside from the occasional professional post, I'm going to be me - Elisabeth, mom to Micah, Ella & Olive Juice. :) Regrouping.....

In the spirit of regrouping and restarting - it's about time I share something of Olive Juice, don't you think? She had a lot of fun with a bag of homemade hot chocolate mix that I was given as a gift....needless to say I did NOT get to enjoy it in the way I thought i would. It was still sweet, but in a different way!




Who me??? Yes you, Olive Juice...yes YOU. :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Myrick Family {Central Florida Family Photographer}

The Myrick family was in need of both pictures of their one year old daughter and pictures for their Christmas card. Of COURSE this is something I jumped at the opportunity to help them with! :) K is one of the sweetest little girls and also incredibly fun to photograph, and even though it was COLD by Florida standards, she trooped on and on much longer than I expected! In fact, the sun surprised us and set before we were done!




OH! And Cooper joined us...isn't he just so adorable? I want a "Cooper" so badly.....I'd totally let him live with me if he wanted to. :)




I was completely incapacitated when it came to narrowing this next series down...for both showing to the Myricks AND for sharing on the blog. So I decided to just show them ALL. :)


Probably my favorite family picture.....and it's BECAUSE of little K's face :) She did NOT want those shoes on...particularly the right shoe. If this was MY family it'd be big and on the wall when you first walk in the door. LOVE "real" moments! :) And yes, I do realize just how wierd I am. :)




Yes, there are more...but this is it for the blog. :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baby Liam {Central FL Newborn Photographer}

There are several people waiting (probably impatiently!) to see these pictures of baby Liam. What a sweetheart! Day 1 of his pictures - well, didn't go so well. :) He was WIDE awake and hungry....and mom and I, "winging it" as we were...well, we weren't prepared. He just happily made googelie eyes at us and sucked on his fingers hungrily. :) We decided to give him another chance....a few days later, during his morning nap.

SUCCESS! Sweet Liam...almost 4 weeks old...slept as soundly as could be while we moved him around in various poses. :) What a snuggly little dude...I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. ;)






Friday, October 29, 2010

Sisters - {Central Florida Family Photographer}

I know it's been so long that I've posted anything on this blog that most likely nobody even checks anymore. But I'm still here. Just working on some exciting things that are taking up all my time! I wanted to make sure to share these pictures today though because the mother of these lovely ladies is celebrating her birthday today!

Happy Birthday Mrs. H! Hoping today is a very special day for you. :)







Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baby L {Central Florida Newborn Photographer}

I got to snuggle a LOT with baby L today. :) I had to apologize to his mama because I couldn't seem to share him with her...at all! What a sweet baby! As soon as the warm air started blowing, as soon as his belly was full....OUT he went! One VERY silly thing about little L is that he does NOT like to be on his belly. AT ALL.

I kept saying, "OK, we'll try this...he'll never know..." and NOPE, as soon as I would ease him over he'd immediately wake up and cry. Turn him back around and INSTANTLY he was out again. SO funny! It was like one of those toys that you turn over and it makes noise, and as soon as you put it right-side-up it stops! I couldn't help but laugh...he truly does NOT like his tummy! OH well, we still managed to get lots of beautiful shots of this handsome boy. Here are a couple of my favorite.

Can you feel it? Do you know what I'm talking about when you see this picture? I can feel it. It makes me sigh and desperately want another little one in my arms again...



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another Newbie! {Central Florida Newborn Photographer}

This little bundle came and visited me last week for a couple of hours. Since he's a little "older" (ha!) he wasn't quite interested in sleeping for us...although his mama is GREAT at calming him right down. Honestly, I've rarely seen such skill in a first-time mom (and I'm totally including myself in that statement!) with instantly calming her baby. I fumbled around for months! :)

Anyway, dadddy's a fireman and I asked him to bring along his hat. This probably would have been easier if the munchkin had been either a little younger & therefore smaller or MUCH sleepier! Instead he was WIDE awake and quite content to watch me. :) OH he's so cute! I love that he's watching me in each of the "out-takes"...so I will share with you my favorite "out-take" in B&W....where I like to think he's saying, "This crazy lady does NOT know what she's doing and I look rediculous!" and of course the final image - the one we worked for!! :)


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I DO: {Thomas Wedding - Part I}

Saturday was THE day for the Thomas & True clans... before their friends, their families and before their Lord, they were married. In a fairly short amount of time they had planned this wedding, pulled it all together with the help of their friends and family, and now was the day they had been waiting for. :)

I had the pleasure of photographing their special day and as I'm on an editing roll, I thought I'd go ahead and share part one of what could be several installments to their wedding preview. :)