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Monday, March 23, 2009

The Countdown is ON!

40 days left. FORTY. And that's assuming she doesn't come any earlier than her actual due date. (Which will surprise me if they wait until that date to do her c-section.) 40. That's not that long.

I seem to be spending most of my nights tossing and turning, thinking of all the things to do before she comes. Mostly because I plan to do NOTHING but cuddle with her and play with the kids when she does get here - at least for a while. So my list of things "to do" grows and grows as I think of what really should be done before her arrival. :)

Finish the bunk-beds (Matthew's task mostly)
Find a dresser for the kids
Put together the crib
Finish going through "stuff" in extra room & pack away neatly
Give away/throw away "stuff" we weeded out of extra room
Paint my bedroom
Find curtains for bedroom
Wash baby clothes so they're ready for her
Make some meals to have in the freezer
Finish business paperwork/tax information
Organize ALL paperwork so it's even easier to work with while in baby "fog"
Take stuff to consignment store (& look around too!)
Dentist for Micah, Ella & me
Doctor for Micah
Tie up any loose ends with business
Go through all books & sort/weed out
Re-organize bookshelf completely
Put up more shelving in extra closet (Matthew's task)
Mulch the front yard flower bed (Matthew's task)
Get flowers to replace those that did not survive winter & plant
Make plans for Awana the weeks I'm out - and start planning next year's club
2 sessions left (currently) to shoot
Almost all editing finished but need to quickly complete the ones coming up
Finish wedding website (SO excited about this...)

Oh goodness me. There I went again, and I could go on and on. These aren't actually all REALISTIC but man it would feel GREAT to get them all done! I can't say seeing them all neatly typed out makes me feel ANY better, but I suppose if I come and refer to this in a few weeks I might see progress and THAT might help. :)

Either way, 3am was not good to me this morning and by 4 I decided to get up and at least get started on the "quiet" tasks - like editing. :) SO, while the big stuff is still waiting for me, I can feel good about having made some progress this morning.

Ella is "starving" and Micah has been playing with KNEX all morning - he would like to "share" a picture of the car he built so perhaps we'll do that later today or tomorrow. :) He understands that his grandmas & grandpas - and aunties - all look here occasionally and he wants to make sure they get to see it before Ella ruins it - ha!

A picture of the lovely Stacy, because it really is lame to have a post with NO images - which I've done a lot of lately. ;)


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Kara said...

I wish I could be there to help you knock out some of the things on your list. I bet with our first born type A personalities we could have this done in a few hours :) I miss you!