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Friday, March 20, 2009

Oh dear.

I am just THIS CLOSE to officially being 34 weeks pregnant. I have less than 6 weeks left . . . assuming they do the surgery a few days early. THAT IS NOT MUCH TIME.

I believe I have possibly launched from a little panicky this morning into an all-out-frenzy. I have gone through the kids clothing, put all the girl stuff away in boxes labeled for the sizes they are for this new little one to wear. Divided Micah’s stuff up into “give-away”, “Ethan”, “trash”, “Levi”, and “sell” piles – now I need to see if and what my nephew will even be able to use, and if nothing, divide it up again into the other piles. :)

She (this new little one) won’t have much to wear those first few months but she is TOTALLY set for 18m – 3 years! Eventually she’ll have a fabulous wardrobe, in the meantime, she’ll be cute in her onesies. ha :)

I think I’m going to move Ella’s clothes and toys into Micah’s room today. No REAL reason to not do it, other than it might be annoying to have them in his room but I’m not sure why. Most of it will go in his dresser and the rest of it will hang – and when the bunk beds are ready we’ll just need to either find or buy a dresser for their room. (The super cool dresser/sky bed is going to go to Ethan and so we'll be on the look out for a tall dresser if anyone has one to sell or get rid of!)

I might have Matthew put up the crib in Ella’s room this weekend – just stick it in the corner. And I can move all of her toys and stuff over to Micah’s room – have Matthew take the train table BACK downstairs (it used to be there until I got tired of it and moved it back to his room upstairs) – I think we’ll leave it there for a few months until I decide if we keep it or get rid of it. For now, it’s kinda annoying to have in the middle of the room, plus Ella’s got her toys and the little table to move into Micah’s room - not to mention the dress up stuff! (which is so very important, of course...)

So much to do! So little time. Need to paint my room. Need to finish the bathroom (decorating). Need to finish going through paperwork. Should probably give some thought to what I might want in the hospital bag. I dumped a pile of stuff out in the middle of my room and now I have to go through that - it was taking up good plastic bins that I needed to put the kids' clothes away in, so now I have THAT to do! Today just might be one of my most productive days EVER.

I might be – MAYBE, just maybe – nesting a little bit.... Or just freaking out – whatever. Either way, since 4:30 this morning I have been SUPER busy and have made lots of progress. Hopefully I'll sleep longer tonight since I've worked so very hard today. :D


IVMarz said...

Definitely sounds like nesting to me! Give yourself some grace though... what gets done, will be done and the rest will work itself out. Love you and am available if I can help you in any way :o)

Markus and Sarah said...

Wow...it's at times like these that I feel very thankful for how much moving we've done over the years which ensures that we aren't able to accumulate more than what fits into 4 suitcases. Wish I were there to help you, cuz you KNOW I would be sorting and throwing and painting up a storm with you. Thanks so much for holding onto things for L, but if it's too much just get rid of them!!! Also, I bet I know the reason (a little blond-haired person) why baby girl Nixon doesn't have much from the birth-18 month size... :-) Like V said, just give yourself some grace and know that I'll help you finish up whatever needs to be done this summer and fall!!!!! xoxoxo