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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Logan - 5 months

Yesterday afternoon I got to see little Logan again - and MY has he grown! He was such a teeny little guy when I photographed him last . . . elisabethnixonphotography.blogspot.com/2008/10/little-log... 5 months later has been good to this dude. He's as happy and content as could be - I'm sure a blessing to his parents. :) His mama has told me how much he just smiles and squeals - how happy he is - and even though the poor little guy was exhausted from skipping a much-needed nap, he did all those things!!

He squealled at me, shrieked at me - smiled and talked. He did a lot of staring too - at the big black thing I was holding - but he was pleased when I dangled the strap over him. :) A sleepy little one he was, but what a great personality. :)

Adrienne - I know you were worried he didn't smile as much he "normally" does - but he truly is too sweet for words! AND, all of that happiness out of one so tired . . . And yes, I did manage to get his gummy little smile! So many more to come of this little guy - but I hope you like your sneak peek. :)



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Anonymous said...

Logan is adorable and you did a great job photographing him! You can tell he is a happy little guy with awesome loving parents!

S. Swan