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Friday, September 25, 2009

Winner of the 6 tickets to The Ugly Duckling IS....

Stephanie!! :) Congrats stephanie! I will get them to you today...have fun tomorrow! Remember, if you would like to attend tomorrow, just mention Elisabeth Nixon Photography and you'll get your tickets "buy one get one" - have fun!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Christmas Mini-Sessions 2009

It's time - once again - to start thinking about Christmas....and not just the lights and the presents, but the cards and family photos too! (I know it's early, but bear with me.) :) I'm opening up the Mini Sessions starting in October - if those dates fill up then I'll open some more up in November. Hopefully all sessions will be completed by the middle of November allowing LOTS of time for your prints and Christmas cards to be back in time for mailing out.

Details below - and don't forget, when you participate in the Mini Sessions during Christmas there are very special prices for you when you do any additional printing. ;)

Christmas Information - Mini Sessions-web

Let me edit to add this about locations: Most sessions will take place in either Downtown Sanford, Gemini Springs in Deltona, or Winter Park....when you choose your date I'll let you know what location I'll be shooting in that day!

AND editing about dates - since the little calendar is not as obvious as I thought it was - goes to show ONCE AGAIN that I should have somebody ELSE proof everything I create!! - here are the dates for October. :)

Monday, October 5
Wednesday, October 7
Friday, October 9
Monday, October 12
Wednesday, October 14

These are to get us started - if necessary, I will of course add more dates and am considering Saturday October 10 for some morning sessions - but for now we'll go with the evenings since the light is so much prettier. :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Greyson {Central Florida Newborn Photographer}

FIRST OF ALL!!!....If you want to enter to win the tickets for The Ugly Duckling which is playing SATURDAY then please leave your comment here before midnight Thursday!! :) Friday I'll pick the winner and get the tickets to you! ;) Back to baby stuff.....

What a sweet name. :) For a sweet baby boy. Greyson (or Grey - which I just LOVE and think he could grow up to be a handsome spy!!) came over to visit me with his mom and dad yesterday. Unfortunately he was really out of sorts and we never got those "sleepy baby" shots we were going for. He just needed lots of cuddles and snuggles from mom and dad - and there's nothing wrong with that. :) I assured Grey that we'd try again - giving him a few more days to settle in. He is, after all, just a few days old.

He's so teeny tiny and has all that beautiful lack hair. And EYEBROWS! I love it!! All babies have eyebrows (of course) but little Greyson has REAL ones - dark ones! It makes him look even MORE like a little man. :) Congrats Leslie and Luke - I know you're enjoying this little guy and I hope that when we meet again (soon) that Grey's feeling better and MUCH sleepier. It's OK though - nothing wrong with pictures from a wide awake baby. ;)


Mama's & Greyson's hands...


Daddy's hands & Greyson's feet :)


Haven't done this in a while but still a favorite pose. :)



It's as if Greyson is saying..."Oh. THERE you are mama." :)


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Olivia - 5 months

Olivia was 5 months old yesterday.....(and on another note, my sister Joanna is 23 today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOANNA!!) :) I can't believe 5 months has gone by....and since we had the "stuff" set up this morning for a newborn session, Olivia and I took a few minutes for some 5 month pictures. Look who's sitting up...for a few minutes at least before she face-plants. :)

Olivia - 5 months

Olivia - 5 months

Olivia - 5 months

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Ugly Duckling - The Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center

Looking for something fun to do with your family this weekend? Then go visit The Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center and enjoy The Ugly Duckling, Saturday September 26 at 2pm. Leave a comment below to be entered into a drawing to win 6 free tickets to the show!! :)

Show Information:

The Ugly Duckling, Saturday, September 26th at 2:00pm

Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center
203 Magnolia Avenue, Sanford, 32771

Judgment, friendship, bullying, kindness are just a handful of the character education traits that come to life in this empowering tale of one very ugly duckling! Unable to blend in with the other ducks young Zoe seems subjected to a life of hardship. Relying on help from the audience she overcomes the other mean ducks and discovers the importance of having confidence and happiness within herself. Sponsored by Central Florida Regional Hospital.

SPECIAL OFFER: Regular tickets $7 for all seats. To order call 407-321-8111 and mention Elisabeth Nixon Photography to get a great deal - buy one ticket, get one free!

Friday, September 18, 2009

I DO: Andrew & Ashlee {Central Florida Wedding Photographer}

So Andrew and Ashlee are at a disadvantage - they have only seen a tiny glimpse into their wedding photos because I've taken a different approach with the editing. Not different as in, another style of editing....but different as in my workflow. Normally I go through and pull out my favorites and spend a bunch of time just fooling around...and then eventually I get to he entire batch and work my way through. A LOT of time wasted, I must say. This time I just posted a couple and have gone through the entire batch in order....helping me to stay on track AND to have the entire wedding flow really well.

They have another disadvantage - the day went off so well, Markus and I got SO MANY amazing shots....that they are ending up with WAY more photos than I intended, but I'm unable to narrow it down any further. Sorry guys....I guess you'll have to be "stuck" with 50% more images than normal. Hard knock life, eh? ;)

Anyway, I've already blogged ABOUT their wedding, shared a few sneak peeks....but this is it. The big-daddy post. So get ready - these are just a few of my favorites from their wedding day and I HOPE HOPE HOPE that you guys, Andrew and Ashlee, love them as much as I do!

The venue - Leu Gardens in Orlando, FL





Andrew & Ashlee allowed me to do a First Look with them - they met ahead of time for a special private photo op.....PLEASE to all future brides, consider doing this! SOOO worth it!! :)





I SOOO wish I could take credit for this next series, unfortunately (for me) I cannot. Markus, my brother-in-law who is also a photographer, worked with me on this wedding and he caputured the next series. I wish I would have seen his angle (my angle is not NEARLY as amazing as his!) and I wish I would have kicked him in the shin so he'd have allowed ME this opportunity. JUST KIDDING MARKUS! :)


How can you help it but get amazing images out of gorgeous people?!?



I said it before - but this wedding was SO MUCH FUN. Seriously - I wanted to bust a move several times but am thankful I restrained myself....don't want to be THAT photographer. ;)


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We're back!

We're back in Florida now - we arrived Monday evening and yesterday was spent MOSTLY with me running around like a crazy person. Micah was back at school, Olivia desperately was trying to get back on a normal napping schedule (which involved lots of tears and cuddling) and Ella went from having her day filled with activity to "berry berry boring." Poor kid.

Anyway, if you've left me a message while I've been gone, I will return your call as soon as possible - obviously I wasn't answering my cell phone while in Canada. :) I know I have lots to catch up on so don't think I've forgotten you! Today will be filled with emails and phone calls, I promise. ;)

Also, I want to throw out there that it's time to start planning for Christmas portraits - actually, past time - but I'm late again as usual! Christmas Mini Sessions will open up in October and be available for the months of October and November. This gives me time to have your cards and prints to you early in December so you can mail them off and have your gifts ready! Keep watching the blog for details. :) Have a great Tuesday! :) I'll leave you with a quick pictur from our trip .... Micah and Olivia on the airplane. ;)


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our Family by Heather Wilkinson {Lucid Imaging}

My cousin's wife, Heather, took some family pictures for us yesterday. We have been in desperate need of a family picture for some time now - the most recent one we have I was pregnant with Ella....SO, while up here in Canada I asked Heather to PLEEEEEEASE help us out. :) She of course agreed because she's just that nice.....and we finally have a new picture to use for our prayer card (we're missionaries with New Tribes Mission) and a new picture for our WALL!! yay! Thanks Heather - they ROCK.



Saturday, September 5, 2009

And the winners are....

For the larger Petunia Pickle Bottom bag (Traveling Tote) ...... Kara Plimpton!

For the smaller Petunia Pickle Bottom bag (Cross Town Clutch) ....... Hope Fogel!

And lastly, because I also love iTunes, a surprise $10 iTunes gift card goes to ...... Anna Kirkland!

Congrats ladies! Thanks to everybody for playing. :) As soon as the video of the kids and I picking the winners finishes uploading, I'll post that as well - it's kinda fun to see the kids picking the names out of the basket! :)

And if the winning ladies would please send me your mailing addresses, I will try to get these in the mail before I leave Monday morning! If I don't get the address in time, I'll mail it out to you as SOON as we return from Canada on September 14th! :)

Check back later today!

I will announce the winner later today! I'm off to get Micah and Ella to help me cut up the slips of paper and then we'll pick a couple out of a basket....as soon as I know, you'll know! :) Good luck!

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Maternal Lens

I have to send you guys this way....check out this site. The Maternal Lens I just love it! There's so many fun things going on there - and lots of information too. Plus, the ladies who write the blog are great. :) I'm a bit of a blog-a-holic and will (if left unattended) waste away hour at a time reading other people's blogs. Scrolling through pictures and learning what's going on in other people's lives...people I have never met and probably never will.

ANY-who - this isn't a great time to share how wierd I am is it? So check these guys out - they're great, you may find yourself over there WAY too much as I am. ;) Checking back daily..sometimes more than once a day. :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our Favorite Things Giveaway!

blog giveaway

OK so I alluded to this a week ago....it's time for a giveaway! I love to win stuff - and I think the next best thing to winning something is seeing somebody ELSE win something!! Olivia and I are HUGE fans of Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags - we have a small collection (very small) and usually are able to restrain ourselves when it comes to sales.

However....last week I was unable to restrain myself and may have gone a *bit* overboard. For anyone who doesn't know, PPB bags are rather expensive. BUT - if you get on their mailing list, then a couple times a year they have discontined and seconds sales! That means you can totally hook yourself up with a FABULOUS bag at a great price. :) I picked one out for me, Olivia picked out one for her...and then we proceeded to pick a couple more out...for two lucky people that read my blog. (She has really good taste, I must say - the bags she picked out are so hip and fun!)

OK so here's how this is gonna go down....we're going to start with one giveaway today!

The first bag - the big one on the left which is called a Touring Tote - is going to go to somebody from Facebook. You MUST be a fan of the Elisabeth Nixon Photography page and you must leave a comment ON THE FAN PAGE in facebook about something that you are thankful for. (You can leave it here too, but it's WAY easier for me to keep it all in one place! Out of all of the qualifying comments (don't forget to become a fan!!) I will pick one winner. Feel free to let others know to get them in on the deal - perhaps they'll let you borrow the bag if you help them win. ;)

The second bag - the smaller one on the right which is called a Cross Town Clutch - will be involved in a similar giveaway in about 2 weeks!

Alright - the Details!

You have from RIGHT NOW until Friday, September 4th, at 11:59pm to become a fan of Elisabeth Nixon Photography and leave a comment about what you are thankful for. Good luck!! Can't wait to see what you are thankful for! (I'm thankful for the rain today.) ;)

Visit the ENP Facbook page and become a fan!

(I should mention - these ARE "seconds and discontinued" styles so there MAY be minor flaws that don't affect the quality - or so PPB says. Either way, they are AWESOME! The material on both of these is covered in a wipeable coating - but not
plastic-y....SOOO much cuter in real life! You'll love them, I promise) ;)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Time's Almost Up! - {Central Florida Maternity Photographer}

I am so incredibly behind in my blogging - there are so many things I have on my list to share....among them are some more pictures from Luke and Leslie's materity session. I shared a couple ages ago - and never did finish blogging the session. I'm probably not done with it either, as I still have several favorites that I'm wanting to add later - so we'll just consider this installment #2. :)

Leslie's been working on making little Grayson and it won't be long before they get to meet the little dude! I'm sure she's probably ready to give the evacuation notice -- and hopefully he's ready to come on out and meet all the family and friends who are excited to see him. I can't believe that it's already been 4 months since Olivia joined our family - honestly, it blows my MIND that she's over 4 months old - HOW did it happen?? :)

So in the spirit of making them stay little for longer...here are some more maternity pictures from Leslie and Luke's maternity session. :)


I had just a LITTLE bit of an obsession with this green door...I'll get over it, I promise!



Leslie has GOT to be one of the most beautiful pregnant ladies ever. I so do not do pregnancy like this...lucky girl. ;)