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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More of the Hamilton Family -

I've got to say - as much as family sessions stress me out (I feel like they are totally out of my league!), I love it when the families are interacting and I just get to witness and document their time. Posed shots are of course great to get - otherwise you might never see everybody's faces at the same time - ha! But the moment in between the posed shots are my favorites.

Little snuggles, giggles, kisses, tickles - THESE moments are why I don't mind going out of my comfort zone a little bit to photograph families together. :) It sure doesn't hurt that little Logan here is so stinkin' cute . . . how could he NOT look fabulous surrounded by all that love?? :)






Anonymous said...

He is absolutely adorable! your pics of him and his mommy and daddy are beautiful!!! mom

Julie A. Whitlock said...

Lovely flare!!!

Bronwen said...

I agree...I MUST know how you do the flare!!!!!

Elisabeth Nixon Photography said...

Sometimes it's intentional - meaning I shoot in a way that allows the rays from the sun to bounce around inside the camera - and other times it just happens. :) This particular time was intentional but it turned out even prettier than I meant for it to - often it's just a happy accident. :) Shoot into the sun - towards your source of light . . . often I walk around like a dork with my camera up to my face "looking" for the flare to pop up in my lens. ;)

My hubby actually KNOWS and understands WHY sunflare happens - I've got the basics down but I do hope to master it a little more. I suppose REALLY it is a "no-no" but I love it :)