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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Today is "Fairy Day"

Today was "fairy day" at our house. (Matthew isn't thrilled, to say the least!) The kids woke up from their naps wanting to play dress up . . . and so we did! (Sadly, the only things we have to dress up in are wings, tutus & princess dresses!)

Micah was MORE than happy to oblige Ella, and he put on all of the things she thought he needed. (wings & TWO tutus). Ella wore her princess dress, heels & a crown - and spend the time looking for her necklaces.

Here are some pictures from our "fairy day" - which, by the way, Micah was not JUST a fairy. He was actually a "Fairy-Super-Why-Hero-Guy" . . . and Ella was a "pwincess". Enjoy!

Princess Toes

playing dress up

Silly girl

New Business Cards . . .

I've been working on these for the last couple of days - which isn't saying much since I didn't design them! The wonderful & VERY talented Eva Talley (http://www.evatalley.com/) created these for me (along w/ the rest of my branding & logos) and I've been filling them w/ images trying to get the best "fit".

I've settled on these two options to have printed - and may do both. Just thought I'd share them here. :)



Back (Option 1)

Business Card 4

Back (Option 2)

Business Card 2 - net

Monday, January 28, 2008

Family Supper

Saturday was my grandma's birthday (and she'll probably be pleased to know that I DO remember what year it is for her, but I won't share it with the world). :) My husband's birthday was a week ago and with both of them so close, we often celebrate them at the same time. (My 2 yr old, Ella, is certain that it's always SOMEBODY'S birthday . . . evidenced by the daily singing of "HAP bird-ay OOh YOU!") So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Grandma & Matthew - I love you both so much!

Tonight we had supper, ate cake & ice cream - yum - and sat around. Good times! For Christmas I gave my dad a picture frame and told him I'd fill it - and tonight I took a picture of him & mom for the center picture.....here it is. Not bad, eh? Good looking couple and they're the most awesome people - honestly.

Then I figured I'd do one of G&G because - well - why wouldn't I? If I'm going to be obnoxious & photograph people, why NOT just do everyone around? :) And of course, Micah had to be in on it . . . so there he is with his cheesiest smile - trying to watch the "bulldozer movie" going on behind me.

And I can't tell you how FUNNY it is that this "bulldozer movie" is apparently the most INTERESTING movie out there - for dudes. Ella won't even look at the TV . . . and my mom, grandma & myself couldn't be bothered either . . . but my dad, hubby, Micah & grandpa cannot TEAR themselves away!! :) So they were quiet and calm - giving me this sweet picture of Micah & Papa (or "GG" - great-grandpa . . . depending on the day).

Anyways - it was a great evening - I love family meals with as many of us as are around together! (if only ALL FOUR sisters were here . . . now THAT would make me so happy!)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Noisy Roosters & Children

We aren't going to make it to church this morning - the runny noses & deep coughs are going to keep us quarantined at home. Instead of a nice quiet morning I've got a naked 2 year old & a self-dressed 4 year old chasing each other with a loud and obnoxious "cock-a-doodle-doo-ing" rooster. :) Oh wait - the 4 year old just hung the rooster from the window blinds - maybe the craziness will die down soon!

So the "exciting" thing that happened yesterday is the possibility of flying up to New Hampshire in May to photograph several different families. A friend of mine has been talking me up (THANK YOU - you ROCK!) and sharing my website around - and it looks like a trip to visit her & schedule several sessions is in the making! I'm SO excited - it'd be like actually TRAVELING to photograph . . . SO - when and if it happens, I'll post the details for everyone to share in my excitement!!

Here are a few images from a past session I'm re-working - because, once again, I don't like posting w/o some sort of image! I'm spending too much time playing with the processing . . . but it's FUN! :)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rededication . . .

OK - I've said it enough, now I'm going to have a little less talk and a LOT more action. (Not true - because there needs to be a LOT more talk to equal more action . . .) Anyways - I'm rededicating myself to posting on this blog every day. :) I may not have anything particularly FABULOUS to share, but it's not just a business thing - it's a personal thing too!

I just hugged and said good-bye to a friend I've known since I was 5. She's moving to Ohio and taking with her a very small person I hope to meet someday! (I'm talking about Kathryn, who is in the maternity pictures in the post below this one.) We're trying to figure out some way for me to get to her after the baby is born to do newborn pictures - and I'm not being very patient NOR am I waiting on the Lord to provide for this little trip north. :) It's been amazing to see God's leading and provision for Kathryn the last few months - even the last few days - as she made plans to move closer to her family. I'm excited for her family to have Kathryn and the baby close to them (albeit a little jealous!) but I do wish Ohio weren't SO far from Florida. Isn't it wonderful when you have friends that you can be apart from - and yet as soon as you're together again, you pick up right where you left off . . . like there was no time apart at all. I'm so thankful that we're this kind of friend - and I'm looking forward to picking up where we've left off someday!

Monday, January 14, 2008

I love baby bellies.

There - I admitted it! I didn't ever appreciate my own enough with my two kids - and now I want to make SURE that every expecting mama that I photograph sees just how incredibly beautiful she is! These are from Kathryn's last session before her little one makes his or her arrival . . . I'm very excited to meet this little person whose growth we've been documenting!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Keeping busy . . .

Thought I'd stop by . . . I'm keeping busy with a ton of new ideas & things that I want to do with my business! I had a WONDERFUL weekend with my cousin's wife (Heather) at a 4 day conference ALL about photography and running a photography business. She and I laughed almost the whole time (usually at me), explored a huge expo in just a few short hours, sat for HOURS in uncomfortable chairs while listening to fascinating seminars . . . oh and she has turned me into a person with a love affair for . . . oreo pudding. I can't get enough of it. Sadly, this pudding is not low fat nor low calorie. BUT - I can assure you that one taste is enough to hook you for LIFE. So go on . . . buy some the next time you're out! ;)

Seriously though, I have nothing to write about other than the fact that I am PUMPED and ready to go in 2008! I'll be making lots of changes - all of them good - and I am ready to see where I am next year at this time.

Here's a picture of my husband and I - just because I love it and because I think every post should have SOME sort of image attached! It's good to be back home with him and the kids - and it's good to have such an exciting journey ahead of me. :)