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Monday, March 16, 2009


OK so I might be exaggerating - a little. Check out this website - www.phonezoo.com - seriously . . . I can see me wasting away the rest of my day here. Basically, you upload whatever you want, a song or some other sound file (your kids? whatever!) and create a ringtone out of it. FOR FREE.

You know how you go and try to find a ringtone you like - but then you find the song you want and whatever bozo created the rington picked the WORST part of the song for the ringtone? Well now you can make your OWN - out of the same song! Neato huh?

The BEST part is that you can look through other people's ringtones - the very first one I sent to my phone was in honor of Micah - and as soon as he heard the music from the computer he came RUNNING! I'll share it with you guys because it is FUNNY! :)

Create free ringtones at Phonezoo

SO go ahead - have fun, make a ringtone or two ;) (Not to mention all the other cool stuff you can do with it....)


Bronwen said...

Haha! Esther heard it and came running as well!

Elisabeth Nixon Photography said...

Haha - that is so funny! :) Must be that age then eh?? It totally makes me laugh to hear it - and I am NOT a good video game player at ALL, so I just watch the kids play :)

Marta said...

http://makeownringtone.com is even better