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Thanks for stopping by and checking in with me! :) You'll notice the lack of updates and blog posts - it's because this is no longer the "home" of Elisabeth Nixon Photography! Head on over to www.elisabethnixonphotography.com for updates, new posts and yes - a brand new website!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Statton Family: LOVE

Another dear friend and her family - I love taking photos of new people but it's just so much fun when you already know the person and care for them. It makes it so special when you can give them a picture that you know they'll love!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Because I can't help myself....

I have to post a picture today. Perhaps if I do one or two a day my blog will finally get bigger, eh?? :) My sweet Ella Bella :)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Welcome Baby Jaxon!

This has been updated to add new pictures - I hope you enjoy your preview, Matt & Leah! :) I'm sure YOU know this, but you have a BEAUTIFUL baby boy!!

I just got home an hour ago . . . and I couldn't help myself. I ran upstairs, downloaded the pictures from Jaxon's session . . . and here I sit - proofing one after the other. He is such a beautiful baby (as you can see!) - and he was SOOOO good for me!! :) He just slept and slept - and would you believe I don't even have any dirty blankets to wash?!? His parents are obviously enjoying every little bit of him - and congratulations again on their new blessing!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Some new ones of Ryan...

Got these finished up last night and even though it was gray and dark out, I am pleased to see that they turned out ok!! He was a LUCKY little boy - to be allowed to splash in the big puddles! :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Here's our Christmas card this year - so if it doesn't make it to print - you can't say

you didn't see it!! LOL :)

Home again, home again, jiggidy jig!

We went to Tennessee last week - had a lovely time with my husband's parents and the kids. Enjoyed the cold weather, mountains, fresh air - oh and I shouldn't forget the outlet mall! HA!

I'll update with more pictures as time goes on, but I have only had a few minutes to get any of the pictures ready to show - eventually there will be more than any person would want to see. It's nice to be home - getting back into the swing of normal life . . . off to the park and zoo we go - in the 80 degree weather!

Friday, November 30, 2007

The Difference 2 Months Has Made

Here is a little update on my good friend's pregnancy . . . see the difference 2 months has made?? Isn't it so amazing . . . the pictures are from her 3rd month, 4th month, and 5th month. At the end we hope to put together a big collage - from each month of her pregnancy . . . ANYways - just wanted to share. :)
(pics removed for now - sorry!) :)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Current Specials!

Just as a reminder - the Christmas Mini-Sessions are still available through the month of November.

The Deal - :)

Book your Christmas Card Mini Session during the months of October and November for only $120! Mini Sessions must be completed AND proofs ordered before December 8th - after that I cannot guarantee you will have your cards in hand before Christmas! Appointment dates & times for Mini Sessions are limited.)

You will receive the following:
25 minute session (up to 4 people)
5-10 proofed pictures to choose from
30 custom christmas cards - I have MANY designs to choose from!
2 5x7s - pictures of your choice
10% off any additional printing

The LUCKY Five!!

The next 5 sessions booked (as of 11/15) will receive 1/2 off their entire printing order! Emailing for information does NOT count - session date must be scheduled! When you contact me I will be able to tell you how many 1/2 off slots are available! Ready...Set...GO!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The website is L-I-V-E!!

I'm celebrating - YAY!! :) Last week my website finally went live - for REALLY real. I'm very excited (if you can't tell) . . . please let me know if you come across a typo or something that isn't working correctly - those sorts of things are a pet peeve of mine when it comes to websites. So....check it out! www.elisabethnixonphotography.com

Monday, October 29, 2007

Rainy Day Ryan

New / Updated Pictures :)

Ryan, his mom and I met up Saturday night - and it rained and rained. :( We'd already rescheduled once due to rain (which never ACTUALLY happened) - so we decided to go for it anyways, and see what we got. Definately dark outside, and definately WET, but we had fun anyways! Ryan got excited about the bubbles and the cars, the puddles and the umbrella - and BOY does that kid move FAST!! I could barely keep up with this two year-old! And I thought that MY two year-old was busy!! :) These three are finished so far - I love the second one!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Pictures from Vacation

This past May, we went on a cruise to Alaska - hands down, one of the most BEAUTIFUL places in the world! On the way we stopped in Victoria and went to the Buchart Gardens. I'd been told many times how lovely the gardens were, how amazing, gorgeous, etc . . . but it's hard to imagine a place when you have NO idea what to expect. I had NO IDEA what we would see, besides gardens (and honestly, I thought - how stunning can a garden be??). :) Well - turns out it really IS one of my favorite places I've ever been - and I've been a lot of places!!

Unfortunately, I don't remember much of the story behind the gardens, other than they use to be some sort of quarry and it was like a big hole in the earth. Then a woman (Ms. Buchart??) came along and looked at this hole in the ground full of rocks and saw this garden . . . and she set about to make it so. (Obviously not on her own - it's HUGE - but it was her idea initially.)

Anyways - should you ever be in British Columbia, and happen to be on Victoria . . . go visit these gardens. :) I posted a lot of my pictures on flickr (www.flickr.com/photos/elisabethnixonphotograhy/sets) - but these are a couple of my favorites. (Someday I hope to get to the REST of the Alaska pictures but for now, it's just flowers...)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kalyn - take two :)

Kalyn came over Tuesday night for the smashing of her birthday cake. What a blast! And FYI - you can WASH and WASH and birthday cake frosting STILL will leave a little stain and slipperiness to your floor! :) There was a LOT of sugar in that cake - probably what helped her last the whole time with such happy smiles. These are a couple of my favorites so far . . . Enjoy!

Monday, October 15, 2007

New . . . a website!! :)

I'm just THIIISSSS close to having a website up and running - this will be the address: www.elisabethnixonphotography.com - Keep checking back until it's there. :) I'm so excited!!!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lindsey & Cory

This is my hubby's cousin (Lindsey) and her fiance (Cory) - aren't they absolutely perfect?? :) Lindsey and I spent the afternoon catching up and when Cory was able to break away from work we headed out for a little engagement session . . . and in true "elisabeth" form - I cannot tear myself away from the computer . . . here I sit, proofing one after another . . . this is my current favorite - until another one comes along!! :) Enjoy this little preview you guys and CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming wedding - I hope you love these pictures!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Leah & Matt

Today was a big day! First, painting at a friend's house for the morning and early afternoon, then a quick trip to Joanne's for some ribbon and paper . . . and then . . . the highlight of my day! A maternity session with Leah and Matt - it was a pleasure to meet both of you and I hope you enjoy this little preview of what's to come!! I had a wonderful time and am very excited about your photos, and also to get to meet little Jaxon soon and do his photographs as well!! :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


OK what a corney title - but how cute is SHE!! This is Kalyn and last night we took one year pictures - a little early....her birthday is in a month - same day as my Ella - but her parents are trying to stay ahead of the game a little! Smart, huh? :) It rained and rained so we could not go outside as planned - but improvised and managed some pretty pictures inside . . . hopefully we'll have a second session together soon so we can get those outside pictures we REALLY want!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Two pictures from tonight . . .

This is Kathryn . . . and tonight we started a maternity session that will last for another 5 months!! She is 4 months pregnant and we're documenting this whole thing! Kathryn and I became immediate close friends in kindergarten and I'm so pleased to have her living nearby again and back in my life regularly!! (Taking these pictures will help with THAT - HA!) :) Here are two from today . . . she's one FUN gal!!

Christmas Cards!

Here is a sample of the Christmas Cards I'm offering this year - all designed by Eva Talley (http://www.evatalley.com/)! For those of you who know the couple below - PLEASE do not read anything into this post!! They are my models and this card is a SAMPLE ONLY. :) Read a few posts down for Christmas Card session deals!! :) I'll add a few extra samples when I have some time!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A few samples of birth announcements...

These birth announcements are just two of many options that I have available. Ethan is featured in both of these, but his information has been changed to protect his privacy. :) The designer of these cards (and all of the others I have available!) is the talented Eva Talley - www.evatalley.com. She does SUCH a beautiful job and I love all of her designs - I can't wait to have more to offer - soon engagement and wedding cards are coming!! I thought these were so cute and wanted to share them - there will be more as I have time to personalize them for showing off. :)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Pictures for fun...

OK these are just for fun. I'm playing around with different styles of processing and seeing how things look.....here are a couple of the kids and Micah with daddy....We were visiting Granny's house to water her plants and stopped down by her lake for some pictures. :) Poor kids - they can't even take a WALK without mommy bringing her camera and harrassing them for pictures!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

My Favorites of Victor

These are pictures of little Victor - another dear friend's baby - or should I say - dear friendS' baby?? :) His daddy and I went to High School together, and his mama and I went on our first overseas mission trip together - Romania. I believe (if I'm correct . . .) that in Romania on THAT mission trip his mama and daddy met for the first time?? Oh well - they can correct me if I'm wrong. :) It's so fun to photograph a baby that has traits from people you know well - a smile here is daddy's . . . and the look in the eyes is mama's . . . it makes the session even more special.

So here's this beautiful baby boy - who passes out after eating - and just cuddles right up, ready for his pictures. Occasionally he'd get a little chill and frown . . . we got some HUGE yawns out of him (see below, my FAVORITES!) . . . and near the end he was hungry again so we got a few frowns out of him as well - but I could not believe how well he "participated" in the session! Not all babies are so helpful - others make ya work for it! (Which is totally different and completely awesome in its own right.) :)

OK without further ado . . . (blah blah blah) . . . my favorite pictures of Victor. :)

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