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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wedding Love {Joshua + Emily } July 29, 2011

Introducing J&E

I grew up with Emily...I credit her dad for the reason I was allowed to listen to FINALLY listen to contemporary Christian music in middle school! :) Her dad and my dad met out walking one day and became fast friends - and went on to encourage each other as they sought to become not only men of God, but Godly husbands and fathers. I'm so thankful for Emily's dad in my dad's life....OH dear, I digress....

So I feel like I've known Emily for, well, ever. And when she moved back to our area over a year ago, I was so excited to reconnect with her and see the beautiful woman she had grown into! (Definately the COOLEST math teacher - EVER!) I clearly remember a particular Facebook message from her..."Something's happened" she wrote...and when I asked good or bad, she responded with "VERY good...." Turns out that "something" that was "very good" was Joshua. And yes, he definately is very good, where Emily is concerned. :)

I had heard ALL about him but didn't get to meet him until we met for their engagement session. I wasn't sure what to expect - I knew he was SUPER smart, funny but could be serious...and that he loved Emily and wanted to be her husband. Turns out, he was HYSTERICAL (especially when watching the two of them together), definately smarter than me - he's like a real NASA person!! - and he didn't just love Emily. He adored her.

Fast-forward to their wedding day....two people could not have been more excited to get married than these two. They had waited their whole lives for each other...and to be there to witness as they pledged their vows to each other, held each other close, and didn't let go....it was a really REALLY good "something".

Joshua and Emily, I cannot tell you how honored I am that you would ask me to document this day for you both. I am thrilled beyond words that you have found each other and am excited to see what God has in store for your lives together. Thanks for everything!! :)

ps (to you, blog visitors) - sorry there are like a MILLION pictures. I'll put the slideshow in first...that way you can just watch that if you don't want to wait for PAGES and pages of pictures to load. :)

pps - I'm not actually sorry that there are a lot of pictures. But I am. But I'm not. You know what I mean...

Emily was all smiles as she was getting ready...surrounded by family and friends, all playfully teasing her and watching as she {impatiently} waited for the time to come to be married!! Texts went back and forth - "we'll be married in less than 3 hours!!" and "I can't wait to see you!"......laughter and joy filled this room.


I've never seen the bridesmaids write messages on the bottom of the bride's shoe - how sweet and meaningful!! And my wonderful partner-in-crime (aka 2nd photographer) for the day, Jennifer Goodlet, showed up with the.most.amazing.hanger. EVER! :)


The ring pillow was made by Joshua's mom out of material from her wedding dress!



They asked to do a "first look" session so that they could really enjoy that moment and sneak some quiet time before the day REALLY started. I'm not crazy, I didn't say no! :) I said YES YES YES!!





After their "first look" pictures, we headed back to the venue for the ceremony. They were SO excited. :)








And then it was off to the {hot} outside for some group pictures!