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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Bravo Family . . . continued!

I can't help it - there are some more I want to share. Sorry if it's boring to you but Giovanni is SO cute and as I sit here editing them I want somebody else to see!! :) Happy early Thanksgiving - my most FAVORITE holiday of the year! :)







Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Bravo Family

Yesterday afternoon I met up with the Bravo family for another quick mini-session - the time FLIES during these sessions! I think, though, that because we're on a bit of a time crunch, we are WAY more productive and are powering out tons of great options . . . evidenced by the fact that I have WAAAYYY too many pictures to edit and sort through! :)

These guys were great - and they were up for me dragging them all around downtown Sanford. (Thanks guys!) :) Giovanni did well with the walking too - by the time we'd reached our next destination, he'd be ready to give me a few more great shots - and then we'd move on again. :) I think, though, that I was not NEARLY as entertaining as the rocks he collected . . . if I WAS that entertaining I would have been a much bigger hit with him. ;)

Ayleen and Karel - it was great to meet you guys (finally!) and I really hope that you like your preview. :) To Ayleen and all the crew at "the office" . . . have a great day! ;) (You guys are awesome - ha!)





And my FAVORITE sequence of the day - Giovanni was SUPER proud of himself after he tackled mom!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Nicholas Family

Early this morning, Micah and I got up, dressed, and went out to meet with Jessica and her family to do their Christmas pictures. They attend the same church as us and we figured it would be a good use of time to meet ahead of Sunday School for their family pictures. (The kids are all up early-ish, why not?!) Poor Emily and Ethan were shivering as I stood them in the shade - but that's definately preferrable to squinty eyes when in the sun. :)

These guys are no strangers to my blog - just a couple of weeks ago Emily was the subject of an entry. I always feel bad though - since the kids "know" me, we have a harder time getting them to work with me - just like my OWN kids. (I absolutely CANNOT photograph my own kids to save my life!) That's why Micah came along - he was my assistant this morning - his job was to pop out from behind me and shout, "SURPRISE!" "Peek-a-boo!" And it did work . . . a little too well though. I have lots of pictures with all FOUR of them (mom and dad too!) looking at Micah instead of me . . . somehow I have to figure out a way to get him (Micah) to be on my back and lean out from behind me . . . that might work. :)

Anyway, Jessica KNOWS I don't "do" family portraits . . . I'm always MORE than happy to DO them . . . but I will never try to convince you that they are a strong talent of mine - they sort of confuse me. :) Trying to get more than 2-3 people to look at a camera and all smile at the SAME time . . . I think it would just work better if I had, like, 8 hands . . . and maybe 3 heads too. Either way - we managed to get some good family pictures and of course LOTS of sweet pictures of the kiddos. :)

Stephen and Jess - I hope you like them - I'm sorry I'm not "better" at this . . . but it's KINDA your fault too . . . if your kids didn't know me so well, it might work better! (And I'm so glad they do, so don't take them away ok?) ;)







Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Gato Family

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting with the Gato family for another "mini-session". Even Zoe (the family dog) got in on the fun for a few minutes! Lucky for me, they have a BEAUTIFUL back yard with an abundance of little places to shoot in - I could have stayed a lot longer, happily shooting away, but the light was fading and poor L's little lips were starting to turn blue. (It doesn't LOOK cold in the pictures but it WAS cold, bare feet in cold damp grass . . . and about 55 degrees in the shade.) Oh - yeah - for us Floridians - that's cold. :)

OK - onto the sneak peek. :) Christina and Johnny, I hope that you enjoy your preview of what's to come - it was wonderful to meet the three of you . . . wait - FOUR - Zoe too. :)








Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This Just In!

A new way to view your images . . . of course you'll still have your online gallery to look through, share with your family and friends, and make your selections from - but THIS . . . this is strictly something to enjoy and immerse yourself in for a few minutes. :) I started making these for clients - and yes, you can purchase a DVD of your slide show - but these are more to give you a first WONDERFUL glimpse at your images!

I know I mentioned doing this before - and that program . . . well, it did not do a good job of living up to my standards. Not that I have rediculously high standards but this new company does a FABULOUS job with their program and the slide shows that are generated from it come out a THOUSAND times better. SO this is good for YOU! :) (And me, because sometimes I just sit here and watch old slide shows of past clients . . . I'm so stinkin' nostalgic!)

Alrighty then - so here's a slide show for the AWESOME Emily and Jessica - two girls who I've known for a LONG time - and this session they did for their parents for Christmas. What a great gift, if I do say so myself! :) Enjoy! (And imagine YOUR beautiful face and family on your very own slide show!) ;) (OH - and depending on your type of internet access, this may or may not work - and it might take a little bit to load. Sorry about that - you can also go to www.elisabethnixonphotography.com/wilson to view if it's easier) :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Baby Ethan

So now I have been lucky enough to photograph TWO baby Ethans . . . and since both of their moms are my friends, I guess it means I can't use the name "ethan" at all for the future Nixon baby, huh? ;) Ethan's mom and his big sister came over yesterday for a last minute newborn session - his mom and I have been wanting to get together for some time (she is also a local photographer) and we just haven't made it happen. Ethan made his appearance 2 weeks ago and she emailed a day ago or so to see if I had any time . . . of COURSE I have time for newborns! (Especially when they just stay and visit - that's the best kind of "session"!) :)

She and I had a very good time posing this little dude, trying out stuff we're always hesitant to try for the first time on a baby whose parents we don't know . . . so that was fun. He's our little guinea pig I guess! Micah played with Ethan's big sister and Ella harrassed us - all in all, it was a great morning. :) Melissa, I'm so glad you came over yesterday - it was really nice to meet Ethan and spend some time with you guys - I hope we continue to do it more often!!

So here are some of Ethan's pictures - isn't he ADORABLE!? And who does he remind you of in this first picture? (Hint: a baby of the SAME name born a year and a few months ago . . . ) ;)

Lastly, here's Ella . . . dressed as a dragon. She was in the way a lot of the time but she's so cute . . . who cares, right?? ;)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Broman Family

I met Diana a few months back, around Father's Day, when I did some photos of her daughter. Little Alana has grown up and now is crawling around - even occasionally standing (but not so much for me...) :) Last Saturday we threw together a last minute Christmas Mini-Session at their place and I love how it turned out.

They were married in their back yard, little Alana was born there and of course, has lived there her "whole" life - and it was kind of special to photograph them around their home, continuing the "trend". :) Here are some of my favorites, not to mention a couple of card options that they have. :) Oh, and first, when I got there little Alana was still napping so I got to snap a few of her snoozing - SO SWEET!!!!! :D

style 5
style 9

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My favorites from Lola -

Sometimes, when I'm a little bored, I'll sit down with my favorites from a session and edit them until they're unrecognizable . . . I have a problem with going overboard. This time I stopped myself before I went too far, and I like the final result - so here's my favorite three of little Lola, done up "my way" - :)


Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Zardo Family

Yesterday was a busy day - not only did I have two sessions with two awesome families, I got to spend some time in between all by MYSELF shopping! :) Ok, so I didn't have long, but just long enough to pick up a little "something" for myself, and THANK YOU Matthew for my early christmas present. :)

Anyway, I'll blog one of those families today. This is the Zardo family - and I have to tell you, I don't think I've met a family yet that compares to them because they just ooze love for each other. :) Priscila's mom is visiting from Brazil and has to head back home soon, however Priscila is lucky enough to have her sister living here nearby, but the whole family is from Brazil. So this was a special time for them, to have her mother with them, to spend time with baby Kyle.

Baby Kyle is smothered with love from the time he wakes up until the time he goes back to sleep - and it was really special to be able to photograph all of them together and try to capture this for them. And what a CUTIE Kyle is! He looks a lot like his dad - but a LOT like his mom too. :) He gets his hair and eyes from his dad, but his hands and feet are just like mom's. :)

Marcos & Priscila - it was a pleasure to meet you and your family, and thank you for inviting me out to photograph you all. I hope that you enjoy your little peek of what's to come!