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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Baby J {Central FL Newborn Photographer}

Hello friends. Remember me? Long time no see, eh? This week is VBS (Vacation Bible School) at my church and I have been mia for good reason....all the planning & decorating...and then finally the actual VBS week...well, it's been a long couple of weeks but totally worth it. :) In the meantime, I have something special to share.

A sweet friend of mine - and when I say sweet I mean she actuallY IS the sweetest person on the entire planet - Kim - had her baby a couple of weeks ago. :) Last Thursday I went over to visit and take some pictures of her and little J. OH MY GOODNESS what a beautiful baby boy! His big sister and brother adore him and he is DEFINATELY part of that family. He looks JUST like his siblings did!

Kim and I decided to spend the time outside - which meant I was drenched in sweat by the time I finished - but the warmth just wasn't quiet enough to help little J drift off to dreamland. He was SO interested in listening to the outside sounds...cars going by, crickets & insects in the trees, birds chirping, the neighbor mowing....not to mention his brother and sister riding bikes and playing....there were FAR too many things going on for him to give it up and SLEEP.

You know what this means, right? YEP! I got LOOOOOTTTSSS of cuddles. The BEST kind! The whole, Oh it's OK Kim, I'll hold him....I'll rock him...here, you just rest and I'll snuggle him to sleep. ;) (Truth be told he probably would have drifted right off with his mama but I was just so desperate to keep him all to myself!)

OK this is far too long - this is what happens when I dont' have an outlet for "talking"....I then can't stop myself....I'll end with a BUNCH of pictures of the beautiful baby J. Congrats Uriah and Kim, we are rejoicing with you on this newest blessing from the Lord and I hope you like the pictures!

Let's start off with the big sister giving little J sweet kisses!




This next one...NOT easy to do...we didn't actually get it out of little J but we tried. After a couple of tries we managed to at least get this out of him - but then he got MAAADDDD!!



Uh-oh! Mama's got a thumb-sucker, just like my little one! :)






Close those peepers baby J!!



OK so I know this last one makes me "mean" - probably Kim too....but it makes me laugh. :) This is what you "do" to your third baby in the quest for THE perfect picture - ha!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Elijah {Senior Lifestyle Photography}

Here's just a QUICK 30 second Animoto video of Elijah....trying to decide if I like Animoto enough to ditch the program I'm already using for videos. We'll see!

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.

Win Tickets to Wonderland - Playing June 17-20

This week - JUNE 17 - 20th - Wonderland is playing at the Wayne Densch Theater in Downtown Sanford. I know one of the actors (yay Rachel!) and am looking forward to taking my kids to this show!

Wonderland is a Junior production - meaning all cast members are ages 5 - 18 - and it's based on Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass". So look for Alice and the craziness of Wonderland. Definately family friendly - and a great way to spend an evening this week!

Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm. Sunday at 2:30pm.

The pass I'm giving away is for a FAMILY - so you and your immediate clan will get to go together and see this wonderful play!

Leave a comment to enter - and as always, leave a comment on the Facebook page for a second chance to win! I will pick the winner at random Wednesday evening at 10pm - you have until then to enter. Winner will be notified Wednesday night and I'll email you the flyer to print and take with you to the show of your choice! Good luck!!

Maddie {Senior Lifestyle Photographer}

Maddie was one of my senior REPS this year - and I'm so excited to plaster her beautiful face (along with my other REPS!) all over the place. ;) She is also an aspiring photographer and is already getting started - even though she's in her senior year of High School. Man do I wish I'd known what I wanted to do when I was still in HS....I'd be so much farther ahead of the game right now! ;)

OK so I'm not complaining - my life's experiences have all been wonderful - and I am so thankful to be where I am...right now. HOwever - I'm excited to see where Maddie goes with her dreams....the road is wide open for her right now!

Maddie I'm SO pleased you happened across my website...and I'm SO honored that you asked me to work wtih you on your Senior pictures - congrats on FINALLY being a Senior and I'll be watching you to see where you go with your SKILZ! ;)


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Logan - 19 Months {Central Florida Children's Photographer}

Logan and his family met me at the beach a few weeks ago....my first "real" beach session - because I'll admit right now, I'm not really a beach person....but we had so much fun! I think my main problem with the beach is the sand....and salt.....and water.....and how hot it is.....but all of that is a "problem" because I'm usually there with my kids and it's sticky and hot and...well, just a LOT of work, you know?

THIS, however, was not work. This was FUN. Logan and I got super soaked together, he played in the sand (I rolled around in it too!) and it was totally worth it. What fun - I look forward to future beach sessions because it was not at all what I was expecting. ;)

Logan's been my little friend since before he was born - and I cannot tell you how honored I am to be still photographing him! I look forward to our sessions together, he just has the BEST smile and sweetest personality!

He talks to EVERYBODY he meets - I don't think he's ever met a stranger - and he laughs and smiles ALL the time. No wonder his parents adore him! I'd have taken him home with me if I'd thought it was possible to fit him in my camera bag and sneak off! ;)
















Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy {early} Birthday Haidyn! {Central FL Children's Photographer}

I finally got to spend some time with Haidyn this morning - the first time we were scheduled to meet we got rained out - six months ago. :) The second time we scheduled I showed up and forgot a super important piece of equipment. I still burn with embarassment whenever I think about it. FORTUNATELY Haidyn's mom is full of grace (and was willing to laugh with me rather than blame!) and we decided to wait for life to slow down for them a little bit.

We scheduled to meet last week - and we did - again - but the weather was NOT in our favor and we rescheduled...for today. :) Of course - this morning was so humid and the air so "thick" that we felt as though we were swimming (at least I did!) and the sky was covered with clouds - but we didn't give in this time! A few sprinkles did not stop us! :)

Haidyn's first birthday is tomorrow - and for her mama I have a few special "peeks" for her at Haidyn's pictures. The weather didn't cooperate but Haidyn sure did! :) And I'm so glad that we didn't give up because these pictures are totally worth it.... Haidyn's mom and dad - Enjoy!!