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Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Jurado Family

I spent the morning with a very special family. The Jurados have four awesome children - Lily, Maddie, Esther & David. (I hope I spelled their names right!) It reminded me of my childhood, we also had four children in our family - only our youngest was another girl (4 girls - go Dad!).

We met on Park Avenue and immediately found ourselves surrounded by LOTS of people. I didn't think to check a calendar - but this Saturday morning was not only the Farmer's Market, but also a festival in the park - lots of people around! We still managed to find some spots here and there that weren't overrun with people, and almost everybody was super kind to give us a little space if we were photographing. :) (They probably realized that it wasn't super easy for Bronwen and Sergio to corral and set up a picture with six people going in different directions!)

What a sweet family though - such kind and friendly children, obviously having learned that from their parents. :) There will be more pictures to add to this first little sneak peek - but I'm off to another session this afternoong. I didn't want to have NOTHING to show for all of their hard work and perserverance this morning!! It was so nice to meet you guys - Sergio, Bronwen, Lily, Maddie, Esther and David - Sergio thank you SO much for all your hard work keeping David entertained and focused - no easy task for a 20 month old! :) Thanks to you all for such a lovely morning. :)



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Anonymous said...

I love how you captured the mom and dad, and the children are a swirl of activity around them!!! so very cool. mom