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Saturday, March 21, 2009


This snake was SO COOL. I have a totally irrational fear of snakes - but not this snake, fortunately. :) I see the little ones and FREAK. I see them at the zoo behind the glass and I'm all panicky and have a hard time breathing. But this lady didn't really bother me, wierdly enough.

NO, I was not willing to hold him - I so wish I had the courage for that. But I could just see herself around me and squeezing me . . . so as long as I could jsut LOOK at her, I was OK. :)

There I was, layign on the ground just inches from her face - I forget that once I get down there, I can't actually move around in any graceful way - well, I'm kinda stuck. :) But she didn't seem to mind me so much.

She is a 12 year old (I hope I get this right!!) Burmese Albino Python - I remember her owner "walking" her in the park when I was a kid - yes, I've been here over 12 years - and she was really cool then too. :)

She totally chilled while we took a break from our photo shoot and admired her beauty. :) I wish I knew her name . . .





IVMarz said...

kudos to you! i don't know any other photographers who have taken intimate snake pictures ;o) That last one is awesome... really catches her snakeness. This could be the start of a really cool, artsy kids' picture & word book...

Anonymous said...

ok elisabeth, now your dad will have a crazy snake dream and wake me up in a fright!!! he does that you know... the pics are so beautiful of the snake. can a snake be beautiful? your dad would say NO! love, mom