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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Jurado Family - Part 2

Since working more with the Jurado Family's pictures I've decided there is definately a need to share some more. :) Hopefully all of you in "internet-world" won't mind . . . I know that Bronwen DEFINATELY won't mind! So Bronwen, these are mostly for your benefit - although some of it is for me. I really L-O-V-E to see my favorite images from client sessions nice and BIG on the blog . . . then I feel like I really get to view them. More like they were meant to be seen. ;)




Ok here's little David - what a cutie eh??


Now I do know that these last two are OBNOXIOUSLY big. But . . . well, I'm a little late for church this morning and there isn't time to re-size. I'll try to remember to do that later. :) These are both "samples" of what a Custom Storyboard is - you pick the pictures (or I can) and I create a larger print out of them. These two are actually 30x15 and 20x10 in size, the black line around the edges isn't really "there" - it's just to show the outline of the storyboard. And they are mounted - ready to prop on a shelf, place on a plate/picture holder on a table, frame, stick to the wall - whatever. ;) Just thought I'd mention this since most people don't really know WHAT a storyboard is. This is it:

Sample 30x20

Sample 30x15


Markus and Sarah said...

What a beautiful family!!! And you took some amazing pictures too. :-) Love the colors and the setup... Can't wait for you to do that for us in just a few months!!! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Girl, you are good! Gimme more...gimme...gimme...gimme! No, no, take your time, we don't want to interfere with the artist and her process! :o)

Bronwen said...

I am NOT anonymous as it states in the post above...I am the blessed Mama of those gorgeous kiddies!

Elisabeth Nixon Photography said...

haha! Bronwen you make me laugh! :) I'm glad you like them so far - and I'm glad you're not "anonymous" any longer :D

Anonymous said...

ooohhh i REALLY like these pics!