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Thanks for stopping by and checking in with me! :) You'll notice the lack of updates and blog posts - it's because this is no longer the "home" of Elisabeth Nixon Photography! Head on over to www.elisabethnixonphotography.com for updates, new posts and yes - a brand new website!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The C Family {Central Florida Lifestyle Photographer}

Happy Sunday! It is an absolutely GORGEOUS day here in Florida...about 75 degrees out and the skies are just clear blue. I LOVE the "winter" here in Florida - I love the way our clouds are whispy and stretch across the sky- if there even ARE any out there. I love how the sky is often a clear bright blue and it feels almost close enough to touch. I love how the breeze comes right across our back yard into the house....the kids get a bit chilly but that's why we have sweaters, right?

I met up with the C family for their Christmas Mini Session a couple of weeks ago. Three boys - these guys have their hands full but Oh my goodness - they are just such sweet boys! The older brothers clearly dote on the youngest - and HE is just a little spitfire. :) Absolutely bursting with personality and his own ideas, he keeps the family on their toes. I think he also provides a ton of comic relief - I can't see how they ever STOP laughing!

They pulled up and the older boys got out - after I completely butchered one of the boys' names (who SO politely corrected me THREE times before I actually heard what he was saying - silly me!) out of the car comes the littlest dude. Completely rocked out - ready to go - in his sunglasses....upside down. :) He realized his mistake and fixed them pretty quickly. Mom says he wears them ALL.THE.TIME. he really wanted to wear them in our pictures but we managed to convince him to take them off for a few minutes at a time...turns out he didn't need them to be awesome afterall! :)

Sharmon, I hope you guys LOVE these pictures of your family. I enjoyed meeting you all SO much and especially had fun playing with the boys. They are three of the sweetest and fun guys I've met in a while!


I totally think these brothers could be in some sort of band - like the Jonas Brothers...seriously, how cute are THEY?!?!



Meet the boys - the oldest...


The middle brother...


And the littlest...


See....we made a "star" for Christmas! Fun, eh?? :)


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Give Thanks & The Epps {Central Florida Photographer}

Today is Thanksgiving....turkey day....and ham, potatoes, gravy, rolls, macaroni & cheese....can you tell we're big on the carbs here?? Yes, the day for all of this but most importantly, giving thanks. :) We are so thankful to God for everything He's given us. We are thankful for all of the things He's showing to us and teaching us......sometimes I wish we had all of the answers right away but that isn't the way He works. :)

I've been trying to get to finishing up the Epp's family pictures - they were here WEEKS ago visiting and I am just FINALLY catching up on them! These guys are just wonderful people. :) They are also missionaries with NTM and we met them in Bible School & the Missionary Training Center that we attended in England. A bit over a year later we all went our seperate ways and hadn't seen each other in over 7 years. They've lived in the Philippines for a few of those years, moved back to Canada for health issues and are now planning to move back to the Philippines in January. It was so special to spend some time with them - meet their family (Thea, the oldest, was about 4 months old when we last saw her!) and reminisce together.

They are now very close with my sister and her family - having all lived near each other in the Philippines - and also with another sister of mine, Joanna, because she moved in with them for about 6 months a couple of years ago (in the Philippines) to help out with the kids and be a help to Char as their youngest was just brand new. Totally different living with kids and a brand new baby in a tribal - VERY REMOTE - location than doing it here in the States. :)

Ahh...long story short, we were SO THANKFUL to be able to see them again and catch up...and I was so excited to photograph their family! I wanted to share a few because, honestly, we just love these guys. Can't say enough wonderful things about them. :)








Sunday, November 22, 2009

'Tis The Season...& the R Family {Central Florida Family Photographer}

...For Christmas Minis! :) Well, that and family sessions! I've been quite busy the last few weeks, and MAN is it rough. I have to go and hang out with really great people - I mean, the kind that snuggle their kids, laugh and play - you know, the real FAMILY types. :) The daddies that adore their girls and smile proudly at their sons, the mommies who twirl and dance, chase and tickle. Yup, it's rough being a family photographer....NOT!

I love it (obviously)...I love meeting all of these people and giving them pictures that they will {hopefully} cherish for years. :) I love seeing them interact with each other and capturing the smiles, kisses, snuggles...the sparkly eyes and mischevious grins. :) So that's my "great" excuse for being MIA so much - holiday "busy-ness" but hey, what a great reason right? I'm outside in the beautiful Florida fall weather, photographing these awesome people....what more could I ask for, right? :)

Here's a little preview for the R family -- I had a wonderful time with them at the park. I cannot tell you how excited I was to see the sun streaming through the trees like it did....we were there at an absolutely PERFECT time and the girls were SO sweet and so fun to be with! Hope you guys love your preview!!






Lastly, my two FAVORITES from this family session. I {LOVE} them!!



Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Senior {Lifestyle} Session Information -- Central Florida Photographer

I thought I'd throw up some information about the new Senior {Lifestyle} Sessions -- remember, if you're interested in being a REP for the 2010 year send me an email! Great "thank you" gifts for your help in spreading the word (plus a FREE Senior {Lifestyle} Session for each REP!)

1senior lifestyle sessions1


3a la carte

Friday, November 13, 2009

Senior Portraits {Central Florida Photographer}

So today I'm looking for something pretty specific. Are you part of the Class of 2010 or 2011? If so, you could be JUST what I'm looking for. ENP is expanding to offer Lifestyle Senior Portraits - note these are NOT "in studio" and "cookie-cutter" poses. These are sessions where you get to be YOU and look fabulous doing it.

I'm looking for 2-3 Reps per campus in the Central Florida area. Each Rep will receive their Senior Session for {FREE} plus a major discount on any print you order from the session. The reps will then have an opportunity to tell EVERYBODY they know just how much they love their senior pictures - hopefully that won't be too hard, eh? The Reps will earn awesome stuff as they refer people my way! The referrals that the Reps send to ENP will get a little somethin' somethin' too.....everybody wins. :)

If you know of a senior that may be interested (juniors too!) feel free to send them the link to this blog post OR direct them to the ENP Facebook page! Anyone interested can contact me at elisabethnixonphotography {at} gmail {dot} com. (Hoping to avoid spammers people....sorry for the crazy format of the email address.) :)












Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christmas Minis - The "G" Family {Central Florida Family Photographer}

Saturday morning I spent some time with the "G" family - I say "G" because we've got the parents (who are the grand-parents), their children & spouses and then of course, the grand-children. I suppose this mini session was sort of a Christmas gift to the grand-parents, and I hope that they love the pictures of themselves and their sweet grand-kids!

I'm just going to share a couple....my favorites first and then some of the "group" - I know my parents woudl love something like this of them and their grand-kids, perhaps I should consider doing THAT for Christmas presents, eh?? ;)






Oh - and for the record, I am now a PRO at replacing heads in photos! :) These kids were SO sweet - but you gotta remember they're both two and the babies are both 2 months and under.....so there were some tears and of course we played and ran around....so while I shot like a MANIAC (knowing all the while that I can just pop one head onto another picture if I like it better!) the parents cheered and danced behind me to get the kids' attention. Fortunately, it paid off! :)

Studio News

So I figured I'd give a little bit more information about the upcoming studio/office that I'm working on. The location is TOP SECRET - Ok not really, we're renovating our downstairs "formal dining/living room" into the office & studio. We've never used this room - the kids use it to run races in because it's been empty of furniture and full of "stuff". Well I've staked my claim on this room and it's coming along nicely!

Here's what we're working on - as seen on my "idea board" or whatever you want to call it. :)

idea board

You'll notice the lamps, couch, and decor all nicely go along with "my" color. (Yes, I consider them to be MINE even though a million other people use blue and green!) And we've picked up the lamps, tables etc recently and the're getting put together. This week Matthew's putting the lighting in (gotta have some nice spotlights to show off the canvases on the wall, ya know?) and then hopefully this weekend he'll build the BEST part of the whole studio. My gallery wall. See it in the picture? I've totally "stolen" this idea but he's building a GORGEOUS "frame" for the tv - basically turning the wall into one big gallery. So not only will it be filled with beautiful pictures - framed & canvas - but THIS is where you will come, sit, relax, sip on a coke and eat some snacks.....AND WATCH YOUR GALLERY IN STYLE! :) I'm so excited - no longer will you be forced to look at small pictures on your computer, wondering if your colors are "right" - surely I didn't mean for you to be green right?! - no ma'am! You'll be able to see the pictures nice and big - as I've always dreamed of showing them. :)

Rather than try to figure out what on EARTH I am talking about when it comes to canvases, prints, albums and other products - you will be able to look at them - as closely as you want. :) You can pick 'em up, flip through the pages....you'll know exactly what you're getting as far as quality and product. The way it's meant to be. :)

Anybody as excited as I am?!? Geesh - you'd think I was buying a new house or something! I would show pictures of the room now but unfortunately it looks like Ikea threw up so I'm going to save that for another time. :) Don't worry, I'll keep you updated! ;)

Check It...

So many fun and exciting things coming up.....new studio/office (yay!)....new website....(about time!).....Oh and I found a new favorite flavor of ice cream. How cool is that?!? I love ice cream, have I mentioned that before? Probably....several times now huh...?

new website

Monday, November 9, 2009

A good excuse!

I have an EXCELLENT excuse for why there's nothing new on the blog today. :) I have no internet. Well, I do have SOME access, but it's upstairs on the hubster's computer and mine (and all of the pictures) are sooo far away. We've moved things around the house because shortly there will actually BE an Elisabeth Nixon Photography Studio. :) It will just be here, in my home. We're re-doing the front family room of the house, turning it into a studio. I am SUPER excited. This means that no longer will you be forced to place an order based on tiny pictures on the internet. You will come visit the "studio" - or rather, my office - and we'll view them up close and personal-like. You'll get to see, feel - I guess you could smell? - real samples of the products that I offer - which I hope will be incredibly helpful. For me, I can't commit to purchasing something no matter how "nice" somebody says it is. I wanna see it! :)

Well, that will be the case in just a very short time. I wish I could share a picture with you but I cannot - that is also downstairs on my computer. :) Suffice it to say that it will be great!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy First Birthday Logan!

I've been so blessed to watch this little one grow up....since he was in his mama's tummy, I've photographed him and now he's turned one. :) Rather than just pick a couple of my favorites, I wanted to share his slideshow with you....I think Logn's session is my favorite....EVER. He's such a beautiful, sweet little boy - I wish I could explain how fun it was to see his joyful smile, to see him wave at everyone, light up when he saw a puppy....charm the socks off an older gentleman who was watching his grandkids play at the park. All in just a short time....such a happy little boy :) Adrienne & Mark, you don't need me to tell you how special he is, do you? :)

Waffle Wedded Wife

Today, I bring you this little bit of sunshine. :) I hope it brightens your day....it totally made me laugh!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Christmas Minis - Prieto Family {Central Florida Lifestyle Photographer}

It was just wonderful to spend some time with the Prieto family again this year. She made my WHOLE year when we met last time and she told me she'd been following my blog since I'd posted pictures of Ella running around in a cute little outfit. That happens to be this post. That's a long time! I could barely believe it but she totally described Ella's outfit perfectly . . . she really DID read my blog! (Even as I write that I have a bit of a hard time thinking there's much worth reading on here, but perhaps you all aren't coming for my musings and contemplations, eh?)

Anyway, when she emailed about doing her Christmas pictures again this year I was SOO happy! Not only are they just such great people, her son is one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL little boys I have ever seen. And he looks EXACTLY the same, just a little older - I hope I get to see him grow up some more in the coming years - he's just such a cutie!!

Ayleen & Karel, it was a joy to spend some time with you - I'm sorry that the dark crept on us so soon....this time of year just isn't conducive to natural light photography in the evenings.





Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Christmas Minis - Olver Family {Central Florida Lifestyle Photographer}

Christmas Minis are going full-steam ahead! :) I'm getting caught up on some blogging today...I have several more sessions to blog so there should be some activity on here for the next few days! (I can hear all three of my followers cheering somewhere off in the distance...) ;)

The Olver Family are no strangers to the blog and once again I had the pleasure of photographing them. Poor Lana had, of course, decided that THIS was the day to need a longer nap ... but she pulled through and shared her beautiful smile with me. :)

Thank you Allyson and Justin - I love that I was able to see you again, photograph your sweet family, and I hope to see you more in the future!



Lana's "game face"


I love how close and quiet they all are in this moment...


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