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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baby Girl Update (31 weeks)

OK so since asked, I figured I'd better give some sort of pregnancy update. :) We are 31 weeks along - officially 9 weeks left, although I fully expect her to be here sooner. They usually schedule the c-section for a few days earlier than your due date - just to avoid having you go into labor first. PLUS, in true "Elisabeth" form, my blood pressure is starting to creep up and I have yet to make it to ANY of my due dates because of preeclampsia. :)

Um - yeah - so what is preeclampsia? Well, rather than just make something up, here's a link - - which is way more information than you needed, I'm sure. :)

So anyway - my blood pressure is always great when not pregnant, and then around 1/2 through it starts to creep up. Currently I've got days where it's around 133/81 and then other days when it's as low as 115/65 . . . and it's slowly getting higher. So I moniter it at home, and the doctors moniter it as well.

This baby girl is measuring about 1.5 weeks big - which is completely normal for my babies. :) I think Micah measured about 3 weeks big (and worried everybody - but he's just a big boy!!) and Ella measured about 1 week big - so this little one is pretty much right on target for a Nixon baby. :) My amniotic fluid has been a little on the low side - just borderline for normal/low - so they're watching that. That makes ME measure about 1-2 weeks small (size of belly/uterus) so between me being small and the baby being big, I have NO idea how to judge how far along I am by just looking. :) With the other two I was HUGE - this little girl is definately all in the front, but she's not taking up as much space . . . yet.

Her vitals are fantastic - she does appear to have the same nose that Micah had . . . poor girl. Don't be surprised by a little round head with a big noggin - it's entirely possible. Fortunately Micah has grown into his nose (5 years later) and I'm sure she will too! If I can get my scanner to work, I'll show ya what I mean about the big sniffer . . . it pretty much takes up the whole picture. :) HA!

UM - so yeah, that's about it - we're doing really well, just watching everything closely in an effort to avoid, or at least be prepared, for possible complications. They (the doctors) have always taken the baby before I get really sick from the preeclampsia, so I don't worry about that - it's just a matter of making the recovery from the c-section harder because you were so sick to start with. So it'd be GREAT to avoid it completely and have a "normal" surgery/delivery, you know?

Here are some recent pictures of "us" - 31 weeks along. :) Still no name - and I promise, I am not lying to "keep it a secret" - we honestly have no name. Any suggestions? Must go well with "Micah & Ella" :)

31 weeks

31 weeks

31 weeks


Kate said...

CUTE!!!!!!! :D Um, wicked cute belly and wicked cute preg top!!! LOVE IT, wow...so exciting, cannot wait to see this little one! Pray for a safe and healthy delivery for both of you!!

Lydia said...

i love it! and you! and her!

Markus and Sarah said...

I can't believe you still fit into that shirt! It's not even a preggo shirt, right? You go girl! Glad everything looks good for baby and will be praying for you...and a safe delivery! Still get mad every time I think that this is the third time I've missed out on your pregnancy and birth. Grrr. Love you! Loved the pics! You look great! Oh, and baby Girl Nixon will be beautiful and amazing no matter the size of her nose! I always loved Micah's nose when he was a baby! xoxo

Carissa said...

Look at you! you are just too cute!! And still so talented! When I was preggo, Noah took everything.. I could barely walk straight. LOL. Hope all is well and take care!

Amber Wright said...

AAHHHH I can't belive you're so close already!! Seems like yesterday you found out you were PG!!!! I can't wait to meet your sweet baby girl!! They grow up so so fast! ENJOY THIS TIME!! *HUGS*

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for the name Sara....it's so pretty and goes Great with Ella and Micah:) Love your pic's by the way! Glad Veronica sent me the link:)