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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Myrick Family {Central Florida Family Photographer}

The Myrick family was in need of both pictures of their one year old daughter and pictures for their Christmas card. Of COURSE this is something I jumped at the opportunity to help them with! :) K is one of the sweetest little girls and also incredibly fun to photograph, and even though it was COLD by Florida standards, she trooped on and on much longer than I expected! In fact, the sun surprised us and set before we were done!




OH! And Cooper joined us...isn't he just so adorable? I want a "Cooper" so badly.....I'd totally let him live with me if he wanted to. :)




I was completely incapacitated when it came to narrowing this next series down...for both showing to the Myricks AND for sharing on the blog. So I decided to just show them ALL. :)


Probably my favorite family picture.....and it's BECAUSE of little K's face :) She did NOT want those shoes on...particularly the right shoe. If this was MY family it'd be big and on the wall when you first walk in the door. LOVE "real" moments! :) And yes, I do realize just how wierd I am. :)




Yes, there are more...but this is it for the blog. :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baby Liam {Central FL Newborn Photographer}

There are several people waiting (probably impatiently!) to see these pictures of baby Liam. What a sweetheart! Day 1 of his pictures - well, didn't go so well. :) He was WIDE awake and hungry....and mom and I, "winging it" as we were...well, we weren't prepared. He just happily made googelie eyes at us and sucked on his fingers hungrily. :) We decided to give him another chance....a few days later, during his morning nap.

SUCCESS! Sweet Liam...almost 4 weeks old...slept as soundly as could be while we moved him around in various poses. :) What a snuggly little dude...I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. ;)