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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Something BIG....


I'm SOOOO excited about something. I can't say what. But I can say that it will be SUPER fun and something anyone who'd like to can participate in. For free. And one lucky person will get something. For free. :) One of my FAVORITE things. For free. Did I mention it's free? I love free stuff!

Anyway, it won't be for another week until I announce it but keep checking back because once it's here, it won't last long!! ;)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Olivia ~ 4 Months Old {Central Florida Children's Photographer}

I mentioned these yesterday....it's hard to narrow 200+ pictures down to just a few for sharing. Especially when the subject is as cute as Olivia. ;) I can barely bring myself to delete the ones where she's blinking (or strangely enough, looking in two different directions!) but there's only so much hard drive space for keeping triples of everything.

She and Ella played for a bit - I think these pictures are some of my favorites. As much as Ella makes me nervous around Olivia (Shoot - that girl makes me afraid for my OWN safety when she runs at me!!) she can also be just so sweet with her. This goes to show that Ella does have more than one speed. She definately leaves it on "Full throttle" most of the time - but occasionally she can dial it back a bit. ;)

Part 1 - E & O

Part 2 - E & O

Olivia demonstrating her ab workout for you all...



This next one is the FIRST picture I have ever seen that clearly demonstrates the Meisel side. She looks just like Lydia...or maybe Joanna - no, Sarah. Well it could be me too.....but definately a Meisel picture here!


Monday, August 24, 2009

Olivia - Smiley & Happy

I cannot tell you how much ALL of us are enjoying Olivia. Micah does not go to bed until he has kissed her and said goodnight. Ella goes to Olivia first (before anyone else) and tells her good morning....they both just adore her and we are all enjoying every minute with her! And to think we thought we only really wanted two children - this just goes to prove that God does know best. ;)

Today Olivia and I had a little impromptu photo shoot - she was 4 months old on Friday of last week. (The 21st) I'll share something from that tomorrow because I was unable to do any editing today - my eyes were dialated at the eye doctor's office and I haven't been able to do any reading .... he tells me that computer work counts as reading. :) SO....nothing got finished today but we did have a great day with my sister Lydia, helping her clean out her room.

Anyway, here is a little video of Olivia and Micah from two nights ago. I know I sound like SUCH an idiot - just trying to get her to laugh because it is SO funny when she does. It just bubbles out of her, she can't control it really, and it always surprises her when she laughs. :) Then we all laugh at her....she didn't really laugh in this video but she is just so happy. And Micah is really silly next to her - not sure why he sits there with his mouth open the whole time. ;)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Rosvik Family, Part II {Florida Family Photographer}

I figure it's time for another round of the Rosvik family. I honestly am completely unable to narrow these pictures down to the best few. I have enough trouble doing that for clients....but this is my FAMILY and even the ones where the kids look all "kookie" are my favorites!! Oh well, Sarah and Markus now will have hundreds of pictures from that hour of their life. ;)


Sarah does not like this one....but I absolutely love it. Isn't she just gorgeous?? And Markus is quite the stud. ;)



My FAVORITE out of all of them....Sarah's favorite too :)





Sassy little Emma-Girl....



Now THESE are funny....Poor Sarah is seriously ticklish and all I wanted Markus to do was rest his nose gently on her temple. Sarah could barely stand it....but it made for these adorable pictures....Oh well Markus, we tried!! :)



See how she's not REALLY in control of herself? She's about to freak out again...


The kids were looking deep in my camera to try to see Pooh...or maybe it was Tigger??


I love this :)


Levi actually BELIEVED me that Pooh was in my camera....oops.... :)


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gimme, Gimme MORE....Logan, that is!

Logan's pictures are finished - and one of my favorite things to do is write that email and say - Go check out your pictures!! :) I try not to be too terribly excited to share them with my clients - there's always the chance they won't be nearly as excited about them as I am . . . but so far it hasn't happened. :)

Logan is just so stinkin' CUTE! It's not that often that my hubby comments on somebody else's baby - but every time he saw Logan on my computer as I was editing, he would stop and say, "MAN that is a cute baby!!" :) I'm not sure what this means for OUR kids.....I mean, they're cute too..... ;)

Anyway, here are a few more of Logan - just because he's too cute to resist.

Currently, Logan is a professional "bbbbllllbbbbb-er" - you know, he makes sweet noises while he plays with his lips with those chunky little fingers. :)





Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wedding Reviews

Calling all past wedding & engagement clients!! I've got my information on different websites and some of them could use a review or two. ;) I definately want you to share your HONEST opinion -- no need to fear me, I'm harmless! Hopefully every step of the way you have had a wonderful experience with Elisabeth Nixon Photography, and I'd love for you to share your thoughts with me and others.

Come, Laugh, Play - The Trivia Tart this Thursday!

The Trivia Tart will be at The Sanford Wine Company this Thursday, August 20th! This is right in Downtown Historic Sanford and will, as always, be a lot of fun! Sara, as The Trivia Tart, does a fantastic job of keeping you on your toes - trivia-style. :)

The game begins at 8pm and will run until around 10pm. At that point she will do a special 5th round for the crew from The Willow Tree. :) The Sanford Wine Company is located at 114 S Palmetto Ave -- come early and wander the downtown area a little bit - around 7:30 it is just GORGEOUS outside. The light is delicious and you can all just hear me in your heads saying, "Oh THIS is the best light EVAH!!! So great!" :)



Thursday, August 13, 2009

Markus & Sarah - {Florida Family Lifestyle Photographer}

This is my beautiful sister - well, one of three beautiful sisters that I have. :) This is Sarah and her husband Markus. They've got two of the cutest - and sweetest!! - kids as well. That's Levi and Emma. I'm pleased to finally introduce them . . . I talk about them, like, all the time! (Just yesterday I got in a bit of a "valley girl kick" where I said, uh, like, like...all day long. Now I'm stuck. Somebody smack me!)

Markus and Sarah need new pictures for their prayer card - they are missionaries with New Tribes Mission like my husband and I are - and it's time for an update. Of course this calls for a couple hours of me annoying them with my camera and dragging them ALL over town. However - I'm pleased to say that I think it was worth their while. There are at least one or two they can use for their prayer card and there are lots of fun ones that just captured the moment. :)

Here are just a few - and I'm sure I'll share more as I get to editing. yes, I am so behind in blogging and have lots to catch up on, but I will promise to continue plugging away at it!



and thanks to Joanna - another of my sisters - we were able to grab some with just Sarah and Markus. She was so sweet to help with the kids and she followed THEM around with her camera. :)


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Peanut Butter & Tuna Fish

Wierd title, eh? It's a funny story though. :) Ever since Levi and his family have arrived from the Philippines (this is my nephew) he and Micah have been inseperable. They absolutely, from the MOMENT they met again at the airport, are best buds. Micah is kind of used to being the follower when it comes to playing with his other "boy" friends. But with Levi, Micah usually is leading. It's funny to watch the two of them work through the dynamics of their relationship, trading off who is making decisions - but then Levi usually defers to Micah.

We've notice something else too. Levi really will do almost anything that Micah wants. It is a BIG deal if Levi decides to do something that Micah is NOT doing. Well this also happens when we eat. For the first week or so that they were here, my mom would collect all of the grandkids and have them with her - she calls it "Cousins' Camp." :) At lunch time the kids gather around the table and Grandma Esther starts making something for them to eat. Micah and Ella are BIG fans of peanut butter. (They get this from their daddy...) Ella prefers JUST peanut butter with her family (we call this a 'choke sandwich') and Micah loves it when you put BOTH strawberry and grape jelly with the peanut butter.

What's really strange is that at every meal the kids eat together, Levi asks for the same thing Micah has. We figured Levi was never hungry though, because he never would actually EAT the peanut butter and jelly. Come to find out - a week later - that poor Levi does not like peanut butter and has been "suffering through" in order to be just like Micah. Ha!

SO today. Mom has the kids - she is trying to figure out what to feed them. She makes tuna fish. Micah doesn't like tuna fish. Levi and Emma love it. So mom makes tuna fish and sets it in front of them. Micah says he does not like it and he would like peanut butter. OK - that's fine. But THEN poor Levi decides that he really wants peanut butter too - but he doesn't LIKE peanut butter. He really just wants to identify with Micah and it is so sweet......if only MIcah realized just how much Levi loves him and wants to be with him. :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Do - Andrew & Ashlee - {Central Florida Wedding Photographer}

Saturday was The Day for Andrew and Ashlee. The past weeks had emails between Ashlee and I occasionally - all filled with her excitement and anticipation of her wedding day. And she had reason to be filled to the brim on that day - the moment I saw the way that Andrew looks at Ashlee, I saw why. He absolutely ADORES her. He quietly watches her as she speaks and as she moves. When prompted to pull her close, he does so without hesitation and studies her as he does so. When she laughs - which is a lot, and a huge reason to love her! - he immediately smiles too. I don't know if he even realizes it - but it is very evident to those around Andrew JUST how special Ashlee is to him.

And him to her. She proudly held his hand and his arm as they walked around. Her eyes filled with respect and love for him - and after they were married, the look they shared said it all. I truly believe that Andrew and Ashlee are perfect for each other. Not perfect because their marriage will BE perfect, but perfect because together I believe they will be obedient to the Lord in their vows to Him and each other. I know their days will not always be happy and filled with laughter - but I am sure that together, with God's help, they will honor Him with their marriage. Their wedding ceremony, the reception, the words that were spoken all day long - all were honoring to Him and I was amazingly humbled to be a part of it. Thank you Andrew and Ashlee - I hope you enjoy your sneak peek and there is so much more in store for you! :)

A special thank you to Markus, my brother-in-law, for spending the day with me as we photographed the wedding. I couldn't have done it with out you - I so appreciate it!!






Thursday, August 6, 2009

Logan - 9 Months Old {Central Florida Children's Photographer}

Last weekend I met up with Logan and his family for his 9 month session. He and I go WAY back. Well that's not true - but I did "meet" him when he was just a little bump inside his mommy's tummy. :) It's been so fun to see him go from a sleepy teeny tiny newborn to an alert and watchful baby....and now he is a NOSEY 9-month old! Yes, I said it - nosey!

He's so funny! Every sound - car, plane, bird, footsteps, laughter - he HAD to know what was going on! And he would raise his chubby little arm and then wave his delicious little hands - Hello and Goodbye. :) OH what a sweetheart! He reminds me so much of Micah - Micah was always at the top of the growth charts - weight and height - and Logan's tasty little rolls remind me of those days. Ahh.....it's really too bad that it't not cute to be roley-poley as an adult, eh?

Adrienne and Mark - as always, it was so much fun to see you guys and to play with Logan. I hope you like your little peek of what's to come. :)





My FAVORITE - just LOOK at that handsome smile!!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chunky Monkey, My Livie Girl

Olivia is getting chubbier and sweeter every day. Thought we'd share these this morning.....hope that's OK with everybody here in blog-land. She is now 3.5 months old and I swear - getting funnier every day. She's just so quiet and sweet....but believe me, this girl can cry. ;) (Evidence of this below.) So here's my little Livie, treasured by her brother and terrorized by her sister. :)




This is where our little photo shoot started to go downhill. :)



Sunday, August 2, 2009

OK all you brides out there!

I desperately want to be involved in a wedding like THIS! :) Can you imagine the FUN and joy that the bride and groom experienced on their wedding day? If I had to do my day all over again (And I don't plan to, by the way...) I would do it with a lot more laughter, fun, craziness......and a lot less worry and stress. :) Enjoy!

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