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Thursday, February 25, 2010

And the winner is....


YAAYY!! We have a winner! Janelle from California! :) Lucky #13 (go figure!) Hope you like it Janelle...well, actually I am pretty sure you will! You said your choice was "Savannah" so unless you've changed your mind, Savannah will be on her way to you! Thanks to everybody who played!! :) If you didn't win but have decided that, like me, you need one of these for yourself, visit the Scarlet Threads website and shop away!


Oh and if you want to know how I came to this....I put you all in a list, went down the line numbering you and then down again for those who left two comments (both blog and FB)....I think you can see how I did it. ;)


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

April's Giveaway - The Tie Chair

No, not a chair made out of ties - believe me, that's what I envisioned at first and was like..."whaaa??" Anyway, it's WAY cooler than that. Came across this sweet idea and thought it was a PERFECT give-away, plus....I ordered it in "my" colors!

Here's what is up for grabs - to a very fortunate and completely random person! The Tie Chair and the color (sorry, I already chose and ordered it!) is "Sage Dot" - a pretty green with white polka dots. Fairly gender-neutral, and if you decide it's not the right color for you, a fabulous gift for one of your besties kiddos!

Here's the instructions for March's Tie Chair Giveaway....

(1) make sure you're super cool (I'm pretty sure you are if you're reading this - ha!)
(2) leave a comment on the blog

For an ADDITIONAL entry, leave a comment on the Elisabeth Nixon Photography Facebook Fan Page - say THAT five times fast! ;)

For a THIRD entry, "share" the link from the Facebook Fan page to your own page, spreading the word! (Oh and if you're going to share the link, please make sure you tell me that you did in your FB comment so I don't accidently miss it!)

You have until April 18th at midnight. ;) Good luck!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Time for a Give-Away!

It's Monday...it's warm....and, well, I came across something VERY cool that I want to give away. Plus - you never need an excuse for that, do you? Here's what's coming to a randomly chosen person who leaves a comment here on the blog or on the facebook fan page - WITH THE PRODUCT YOU'D LIKE TO WIN in your coment! (Yes, if you leave a comment in both places, you get two entries to win!)

So - here's the give-away....Your choice of any apron from this organization - Scarlet Threads. Go HERE to pick on the one you'd like to win!
Here's some information about their organization, but check it out - I think it's awesome and am going to order two of these for myself and Ella to cook together - plus the winner's apron too! Something worth supporting. :)

Good luck and you have until Wednesday at Midnight EST to leave a comment here, on the ENP Fan Page or both - telling me which apron you'd like to win!

Have fun and of COURSE I will leave you with a picture :) Since it's a fairly domestic give-away....here's an old favorite - one of the few self-portraits I've ever taken. I was having trouble with my vacume that day....and I won.



Friday, February 19, 2010

Olivia is like Ice Cream.... - 10 months old {Central Florida Children's Photography}

Olivia will be ten months old on Sunday...two days from today. I cannot believe that ten months have passed! I asked Ella, a I sat here getting ready to blog, what she thinks Olivia. This is her reply:

What? Why do I have to think about Olivia? I think about her, playing with her. And...what else? Hmmm...I like her when she plays dollies sometimes. Um, I think about playing with her. One minute....I like talking to her. Oooooo-livia, Livia, Livia, Livia...she's the best. That's the best of her.

Hmm....well, I'm not the only one who has trouble staying on task! Here's Micah's take on Olivia:

She's cute....she's funny.....Uhh. She dances funny. She, um, uh...um...uhhhh...is a fun little baby. Her favorite movie is Baby Einsteins. She can suck on my monster trucks - yeah, not very often, but sometimes I let her.

So....who is this little wonder, Olive Juice?

Standing with no help.
Will not take steps while we hold her hands - REFUSES to.
Sometimes will cruise ONE teeny step before giving up and crawling.
When you put her down she will sob like her heart is broken and fold over her legs to lay her pathetic little head on the floor.
Sometimes she does it in anger....and bangs her head on the floor.
It doesn't work.
At least not always.
Has two bottom teeth.
A third one is trying to come through.
As is one on the top.
Currently has a double ear-infection for the third week.
(First round of antibiotics did not work.)
Still smiles, still laughs....even though obviously miserable.
Claps her hands a lot.
Laughs at her sister's craziness.
Laughs through her nose (sniffing harshly is a better way to describe it)
Shrieks when Micah plays with her.
Reaches for daddy as soon as she spots him.
Then back to mommy.
Likes to play in the toilet.
Is not allowed to play in the toilet.
Likes to eat cheerios.
Also likes Gerber puffs....
does NOT like generic puffs!
Looks fabulous in her birthday suit.
Has thick hair growing in and scraggly long "original" hairs over the top of it all.
Perfect for pig-tails.
Hates when I do anything to her hair.
Loves chewing on nerf bullets from her brother's nerf gun.
Really prefers the ones with rubber "suckers" on the end.
Chews the rubber suckers off, and then chews on THEM until we dig them out of her mouth.
Loves fruit.
Gags on most vegetable baby foods that come in jars.
LOVES big people food and will eat almost anything from the table.

Hm...so much more but these are my current random thoughts about Olivia. I just love her so much! Micah is, and always will be, my baby boy. Ella keeps life interesting and fun. Olivia just fits. It's like ice cream. You're never too full for ice cream. Even when you think you don't need it, it just melts in and fills all the cracks. That's like Olivia. We didn't think we needed her, but she just has filled in all the cracks and we're perfectly, wondefully, satisfied. :)


Pig Tails for the first time today. :)









Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Little Sister {Central Florida Family Photography}

These two re just too much fun. H, the oldest, was more than happy to sit quietly with me, playing with balloons & lollipops, while I photographed her. She'd stare solemnly into my lens, and then after a quick tease she'd light up with a beautiful smile. E, however....Oh little E. The younger of the two and yet the busiest little one in that family. She is just FUN to watch. I asked H if E makes her laugh, and she giggled and said yes. :)

Little E ..... I watched her parents as they watched her play. She stood off to the side, singing happily to herself, turning in circles and swirling around. Off in her own little world - and when we brought her back to our world she'd laugh and run with so much personality in her laughter. She reminds me a LOT of Ella....funny, how H, her older sister, is so like Micah. Perhaps it is an older/younger child thing... :)











Thursday, February 11, 2010

Little Ham {Central Florida Children's Photographer}

V's Valentins Day session went well....at least, he and his friend had a LOT of fun. They did make me work for these images though! I ran back and forth, back and forth....then sat down, stood up, sat down, stood up....et. :) Suffice it to say that I earned my nap that day! Sooo much of his mama and papa in thi little one...






Here's a little series that I asked specifically of V...we even practiced the day before. :)


V's mama tells me this is his snuggling face. :) AWESOME.....


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Brotherly Love {Florida Children's Photography}

These little dudes participated in the Valentines Day Mini Sessions this year. This is M and his little brother H....oh my goodness, they are so cute! And what's really funny is that this year, for the first time, I didn't have to work nearly as hard for M to smile at me. :) It's been almost 2 years and FINALLY I'm getting smiles out of him .... or perhaps it was the lollipop? Either way, he gave me huge smile after huge smile. I was so pleased. :)

I have to say though - the big solemn brown eyes staring at me just catches my heart....and his little brother, H, has the same gorgeous eyes. For as solemn as they both look, there's a twinkle there....and I LOVE mischievous little eyes!

(You'll notice I'm posting the picture with a little different format...just trying something out, attempting to make this a little easier or all to see on different computers with different size monitors.) :)











Monday, February 8, 2010

Sweet little C..... {Central Florida Newborn Photography}

Saturday night we had our Sunday School class over for a time of eating, hanging out, you know....pretty much some nice adult time. Some of the families have new teeny ones and we ALWAYS say to bring the little babies. ;) Once they can walk we leave our kids at home...but we all enjoy each others newborns while we can!

Anyway, one of the couples came with their little girl - baby C. She's their fifth daughter and seriously - each little girl in their family is equally as adorable! Little C fell asleep later in the evening and there were just a few of us left....so I pulled out some "stuff" and took a few pictures of her. OH MY GOODNESS. I just love her! it's so fun to have friends with babies - we have THREE new babies in our class - with a brand new one arriving sometime this week. YAY!

Anyway, I wanted to share just a couple of little C. She's so pretty :) She looks just like a little person - and apparently all of her sisters have had the same pretty little girl face instead of baby-face :)






Friday, February 5, 2010

Valentines Mini Sessions 2010 - {Central Florida Children's Photography}

I figure it won't hurt to get a little head start on these Valentines Day Sessions. :) I'll just share a couple of my favorites so far....and THANKS to the moms and dads who brought their kids out - it was so fun...I got REALLY sunburnt though. HOW?!? I don't know...but I did. I now look like a lobster, thanks to el sun-o burning in the sky-o. Sorry it's been a whole week since blogging...I'm SUCH a bad blogger!!

These two little ones are probably easily recognizable by now on the blog....I get to see them every year and a half or so for their mini sessions. :) They had their sessions back to back and it gave Little V and M some time to play. Ha! They also took most of V's session because they were having WAY too much fun. SO poor V has los of M in his pictures. Boy...that gets confusing, eh?