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Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Problem with Eggs in a Nest

We had "eggs in a nest" for breakfast the other day. One of my FAVORITE ways to eat eggs and toast - and the kids like it too. There is one small problem though, with feeding your children something like this . . .

"Why do you call it 'eggs in a nest' Mommy?" Micah asks me.

"Well," I say, "It's because you cook the egg in the middle of the bread, and the bread is like a nest around the egg."

"But Mommy . . . this isn't a REAL egg, like the kind with a bird in it. THAT is the kind of egg that goes in a nest. Not the kind you eat."

UH-OH. So I tried to tackfully explain to Micah where the eggs come from, and how they are from chickens, just like the chicken that we ate for supper last night.

"You mean that when we eat chicken nuggets we are eating CHICKENS??" He asked me in horror.

I honestly did not know what to say. I said yes, and then changed the subject as quickly as I could. Hopefully it won't come up again. The other conversation I'm hoping stays buried for a while is, "Where did you get the antlers from, Grandpa? How did you get them off the deer's head?" Ahh the joys of growing up. I don't remember asking (or hearing the answers) to these questions as a kid - I guess I did at some point but for now, I figure I just always knew!

Eggs in a nest -1

Eggs in a nest - 2

FOR THE RECORD: This conversation did not slow Micah (or the rest of us) down from actually devouring the "eggs in a nest". Some things are just too good to worry about. :)


Forgjengelige ting said...

I'll try 'eggs in nest' for tomorrow's breakfast ;) ;) ;)

Aileene Guzman said...

I feel a bit naive right now, but I was told that bucks shed their antlers, and you can just kind of pick them up off the ground if you ever come across them.

Now I'm wondering if I was being lied to this whole time... :)

IVMarz said...

lol... love it! I can't wait. Our latest "discussion" was me trying to tell Victor why he couldn't go to the slide at night. Futile. :o)