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Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Last Day of January

We spent it at the park - well, we spent the last couple hours of light at the park. :) The kids have been sick (well, we ALL have been sick but the kids are the most recent to succumb) and we wanted to go out, but mostly to get some fresh air and tire them out - you know, so they'll sleep good? :)

We brought a couple of soccer balls and a football - Micah alternated between chasing Alex for the football (which she thought was hilarious) and then he'd hide it under his shirt when he did get it (because then he looked like me . . . like there's a BALL under MY shirt!) :) Alex and Ella went down the twisty slide countless times together - they're seeming to be a bit more like "equals" these days instead of Ella being the baby . . . and they play so good together! Sara and I discussed the day that is inevitable . . . "But I NEED the car - it's just me (Alex) and Ella!!" YEAH RIGHT. Like we'll fall for THAT one! :) Those two will be trouble together . . .

I think Micah and Ella have no idea how incredibly funny their daddy and Auntie Sara are - not that many full-grown adults will do races in the middle of a field of people . . . no, not running races - but "crab crawl" races and "galloping races" and "bear crawl" . . . Matthew had an unfair advantage in the crab crawl - his legs are 4xs as long as Micah's (and therefore faster) and poor Auntie Sara had Ella on her lap "riding" her - yes, it looked as ridiculous as it sounds!

Alright I'll quit with the blab - here are some pictures of the kids playing and one of me - Matthew caught some awesome light as the sun was setting and even though I manage to look like Bob the Tomato in my red shirt, the light ROCKS and I am SUPER proud of him for it! :D (Plus we don't have many "belly" pictures - so here's me at 28 weeks.) :)


Ella and I :)


My "new" niece, Alex! :)


Meet the Silly Monkey . . .


. . . and here's the drama queen . . .


. . . and we can't forget Grumpy, the drama King! :)



Kara said...

Fun Pictures Elisabeth!!! We miss you guys. You look so great! We went to a Community Baptist Church this morning and loved it. It sort of reminded me of your Church. Would love to catch up soon - call when you get a sec.

Amber said...

E you look GORGEOUS!! Seriously GLOWING and making me miss my baby belly!! I can't wait to meet that sweet little girl in there!! Micah and Ella are growing up way too fast!!!