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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chris & Sara: Day After

These pictures weren't "actually" taken the day after their wedding - but they were taken AFTER their wedding. :) This is what I call a "Day After Session" - basically the bride and groom get as dressed up as they want and we head out - just the three of us - and we take our time together, which usually doesn't happen much ON the wedding day. :) I FULLY would recommend considering a Day After Session - as a couple you're relaxed, rested . . . and every BIT as beautiful as you were on your wedding day. I, the photographer, just get to hang out with the awesome couple one more time - which is a huge perk for me!

We went to Orlando for some more urban photos and I am LOVING the way they all turned out. Here are a bunch that I just can't help but share!! Sara - you are SOOOOOO gorgeous and Chris - smokin' with the stare. :)











Keeney - Day After

Keeney - Day After


Markus and Sarah said...

Ok I thought I'd already commented on these, but apparently not. GORGEOUS. Makes me want to drag my wedding dress out of the garbage bag that it's balled up in somewhere in dad and mom's attic and make you take pics of us like this!!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh elisabeth these came out really good!!!

Anonymous said...

These are my son & daughter-in-law. I so proud of them both. Did anyone get any pics of that limo we rode in in Vega?

Elisabeth Nixon Photography said...

I have a few of them in front of the limo - and then a couple of everybody inside as well. :) The gallery of all the pictures is at http://www.enphotography.smugmug.com/gallery/7241384_id5B2#465296866_QSrgY