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Saturday, February 21, 2009

What a WIERDO.

I think, though, that "wierdo" is not the correct term. I think it's highly possible that "lunatic" or even "obsessive compulsive lunatic" is far more accurate. Matthew is out of town - has been for a couple of days and will be until Tuesday - and my SUPER fabulous sister Lydia is staying with me and the kids. :) When she's not working we hang out and catch up - sadly she is the ONLY sister who lives near me and we still rarely get together! Yesterday we took the kids to Sea World for some fun (gotta love those "go one day, come back the rest of the year!" passes, right?!) - and today I think we're going to stay home and recover from all the fun. :) Poor Lydia had to work last night until 11 so she is REALLY tired today.

Anyway - here's WHY I realize I'm such a crazy person. As Lydia and I are sitting around talking, we notice some REALLY strange things about us that are similar. She is 6 years younger than me and for the most part, it's only been recently that we've really connected. We were always friends as sisters, but she was so much younger that we didn't REALLY talk or spend time together. I was busy with school, sports, work, etc - and she was in elementary or middle school. Then I moved away and it wasn't until I came back home and she'd graduated that we REALLY got to know each other. I say all of that because I need to point out that we did not LEARN our wierd obsessive "things" from each other - apparently they are hard-wired into us! (Which means they could come from either my mom OR my dad - makes ya wonder, eh?)

So here are a few of them - the obsessive things that we are bound by in our every day life.

1 - Kit Kats. We both eat them the same way. First piece: nibble all of the chocolate around the sides. Then pull the three (yes there are three) wafers apart. Eat the top, eat the bottom, lastly eat the middle. Second piece: Again nibble all of the chocolate around the sides. Then eat the wafers, all together, in two bites. Third piece: Nibble all of the chocolate around the sides. Eat the wafers, all together, in ONE bite. Last piece: eat it "normally" like you're supposed to. We don't do this because it's FUN. I have to eat them this way. If I don't, then I feel the burning need to get ANOTHER kit kat (which I feel ANYWAY because they're SO GOOD) and do it "right".

2 - cracks & lines in the sidewalk. Don't step on them. Try to step on "every other" space instead of every space. We noticed yesterday at Sea World that Micah has already started this. He was unable to keep up with us because he "had to miss the lines" and the path had taken him in the other direction. He wasn't sure how he'd get back to us because there were too many lines in between us. I've birthed a monster.

3 - Poles or anything sticking out of the ground (lightposts, fence posts, etc.) When walking along, if there is a post to the RIGHT of me, step "over" it. If I'm in a car, lift up my heels to go "over" it. If there are no posts on the "right" of me, then I look to the left. But I don't concern myself with the left side unless necessary.

I think maybe I've shared enough crazy for today. But these were things that made us laugh over the last few days. I'm certain we'll find more insanity that we have in common with each other - and I wonder what quirks my other sisters, Sarah and Joanna, share with us. :) I know they're not nearly as "normal" as they pretend to be!! :) HA! Have a great Saturday - and because I have no pictures to "share" from Sea World, here's one of the GORGEOUS Lydia - so you know "which one" I mean - we all look alike. (or so you people say....) :)



Markus and Sarah said...

Ha, you guys are WEIRD! I always knew that I was the normal one...

Sarah Wheeler said...

That is hillarious that both of you do those things, LOL! Your sister is beautiful, and yes, you do look alike :)

Anonymous said...

hmmm, you must get all your weirdness from Dad!!! poor Micah and the cracks in the sidewalk! it made me laugh to read about it...
oh i am sure we could say a lot more about the weird things we do--but we won't embarrass each other!
love, mom