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Monday, February 16, 2009

Can't Buy Me LOOOOVE!!

When Matthew and I first started dating I was introduced to the Beatles - for real. Before that I might have been able to tell you which song was theirs out of two songs . . . but then again, maybe not. Mostly because I might have been able to pick out that Beatles "sound" that comes from their harmonies and feel. Anyway, Matthew helped me quickly develop a love for their music - and we ended up with lots of "our" songs - mostly because they are FUN to sing along with and are a lot about love. :)

Micah and Ella, I'm happy to say, are also fans of the Beatles. Ella's favorite song is the Yellow Submarine song - which she calls the Lellow Ub-marnine . . . and she has a favorite dress with the submarine on it and everything. :) Micah's favorite is the "yeah yeah" song (She loves you, Yeah, yeah, yeah!) - Can you tell I don't even know the real titles myself?? :) Matthew and I usually revert to Can't Buy me Love or Close Your Eyes (And I'll Kiss you...) . . . all of this to say, in my head tonight as I edited these pictures of Micah and Ella (they are SO silly!) was the song Can't buy me Love . . . not because the words have ANYTHING to do with the pictures - but because Micah and Ella just LOOOOVE each other - and you just can't buy that for them - or pay them to act like this . . . or even bribe them with tasty lollipops. :) It's a huge blessing - and hopefully someday very special for them as well to have grown up as friends AND siblings. :)





(You might notice that lately I'm on a bit of a texture kick - and my processing of the pictures are all over the place.) :) While on Semi-Maternity leave (as I'm calling it for the moment until it's 'official') I am playing around to try to hone in a bit more on what I like best. :) Just trying to be more "me" with my photography and also with my editing - it takes some experimenting and playing around - none of which I mind doing!!

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