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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

baby girl, all mine.

Ella has to be one of the funniest little people I know. She's not funny like Micah is funny - he embraces the rediculous and thrives on silly and crazy. He just sits and laughs at it - and he gets it too, and then tries to make his own silly and crazy - and rediculous - which is funny. :)

Ella though, is funny for different reasons. From the moment she came along she was crammed FULL of personality. Even as a tiny newborn it was eeking out of her. Nothing has changed - now over three years later and even when she sleeps she makes me smile. :) She doesn't do ANYTHING halfway. Whether it's eating her food, running to give you a hug (and almost knocking you over), riding her bike, brushing her teeth, laughing like a lunatic - she puts every tiny bit of her into it. Which is so funny!

A couple of days ago she and I had the afternoon together - she was so sad that Micah was gone and I tried to make up for it by letting her skip her nap. :) We were going to just lay down and watch Sleeping Beauty together, one of her FAVORITE movies. She calls herself Sleeping Beauty a lot - and daddy is always Prince Phillip. :) In the mornings she'll come in our bed and close her eyes (faking sleep of course) while snoring LOUDLY. Then she'll announce that she's once again Sleeping Beauty waiting for her kiss to wake her up. :) Matthew always obliges.

So the other day I left the room for a few minutes while she was getting the DVD turned on (it's something she's just GOT to do herself) and I came back about 5 minutes later to find her sound asleep on the bench at the foot of my bed. :) My little princess had just collapsed and was officially the sleeping beauty she'd always wanted to be. :) So of COURSE I took pictures! When she woke up I was showing them to her and she said to me, "Oh look Mama! I'm just like Sleeping Beauty!" I told her that she was. :) And that I'd kissed her over and over to see if she'd wake up, but it didn't work - so she must have been waiting for Prince Phillip/Daddy to come for her. :)

sleeping beauty


Sarah Wheeler said...

She is so sweet, and these photos are adorable! My little lady plays princess all the time too, and always wants to be awakened by "true loves kiss" :)Aren't kids the best?!

IVMarz said...

so beautiful... i hope we have a girl one day. It's a whole different world, isn't it?! :o)

IVMarz said...

Oh, I forgot to share... If Victor sees someone sleeping (or pretending to), he goes over and plants a big ole kiss on their face. He's getting his prince practice in early. ;o)

Markus and Sarah said...

What a sweet little princess. Tell her that in just a few months, Cinderella/Tinkerbell (depending on her mood that day) will be coming to join her. :-)

Elisabeth Nixon Photography said...

Sarah W - yes kids ARE the best! :) I love that she spends every waking moment of her day dressed up as SOMETHING (if it's not a princess then she is a kitty cat!)

Veronica - Bring Victor over and he and Ella can fake sleep and wake each other up all they want :) She would LOOOOVE that!!

My Sarah - She will be so pleased that Tinkerbell/Cinderella will be coming to stay for a while - they will have so much fun, when they're not at each other's throats :D