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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

1:54 AM, Sleepless Night #642

Alright. What on EARTH is up with the sleeplessness? It's like this almost every night - I go to bed exhausted, sleep a couple of hours (or a few at most!) and then I'm up from like 1-4 . . . just staring at the ceiling, waiting to go back to sleep. Thoughts and ideas crashing through my head (which is how I ended up in front of the computer tonight - needed to write some of this stuff down because I will NOT remember it in the morning when I'm pooped again!).

"Sweet" Baby Girl used to sleep at night - until we went to Vegas and got her times all mixed up. Since then she rests the most from 4am - 10am . . . and the rest of the day she beats on me like a little lunatic. I'm just a LITTLE worried about how much energy (and strength!) this little chica has. So she makes it rather difficult to go BACK to sleep when it was hard enough to do it the first time with her flopping and framming around in there! Currently she either has the hiccups (and is annoyed by them - based on the steady hiccup movement followed by a swift WHACK to my side) or she is trying to officially drive me insane.

Tomorrow my in-laws leave for India which is VERY exciting for them - they are part of an organization called Hands of Compassion which sponsors a couple of children's homes (and also a women's home) in India. They are headed over for their yearly visit (father-in-law, mother-in-law, and grandma-in-law) :) . . . and I'm pretty sure they all even got some sleep tonight before the big trip. (Well, HOPEFULLY they are sleeping!) Peggy and Myrtle will be blogging about the trip when they can - and you can follow their travels if you'd like through www.handsofcompassion.org - go to the "blog" link. :) We will miss them and look forward to their arrival in 2-3 weeks (not all travelling together the whole time!) and please keep them in your prayers for safe travel and for the time they are there visiting. :)

Alright. I will go attempt to sleep again. Baby Girl - you betta CALM YO-SELF down in there! Mama needs her sleep! ;)

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Kristie said...

elisabeth-- just popped over here to your blog. Love the 2 sets of pics below--of your kids and the ones of just Ella! SO stinkin cute. :) and yes---i can totally commiserate (?sp) with you on the punching and kicking during the night. this one inside of me is equally crazy!!!