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Monday, February 2, 2009

Details & Collages - Keeney Wedding

I think that my favorite part of photographing a wedding is detail shots. Wierd, I know . . . but all of the little parts that make up a bride and groom's day are well planned - and should be documented! Don't get me wrong - they don't really compare with photos of the couple - rather, they're in completely different catagories . . . but I love walking around snapping here and there, things that a couple will forget easily with time.

The "big stuff" gets remembered - but the details must be documented or else eventually, they'll be lost. :) I look through the photos of my own wedding and think - "I don't remember that!" - on a table or hanging on a wall . . . lots of things that my brain has dropped for lack of space. :) Sara and Chris's wedding was no exception - granted, we were rushing a bit with trying to get ourselves ready and still do a good job of documenting the day - but everybody helped out and look at how fabulous it turned out! :)









That's all for now . . . until I find something else I can't resist sharing. Have a great Monday!! :)


Anonymous said...

These pics are beautiful!!! from mom

Markus and Sarah said...

You rock.

Kara said...

You truly have a gift! These are amazing. I wish I was getting married again -(to Micah of course :) and you could do my pictures! I got your message and will call soon.