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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Keeney Wedding - Vegas Style!

We're home - and I have a pile of pictures to share. :) At the moment though, here are just a few. Chris and Sara were married on Saturday in a BEAUTIFUL and simple ceremony at the Mandalay Bay Hotel - Sara was unbelievably beautiful - not just "knock your socks off gorgeous" but also "bring tears to your eyes stunning". :) Chris was so handsome and it was just really special to be with the two of them as they made their vows to each other as man and wife . . . AHH....I love weddings. :) I love LOVE!!

Here are just a couple of pictures I picked out and have played with - I will sit down shortly and get through them ALL and have so many more to share, I'm sure . . . and please excuse the colors if they are a bit off - for some reason I am once again having trouble with calibration - which I thought was fixed. So if they look wierd to you, just know they look a bit wierd ot me as well and they'll not stay this way for long. :)




One last one - more of an "out-take" . . . Chris threw his tie over her face as we were taking this and she just laughed. :)


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Kara said...

Well, we know they can kiss :). Awesome pictures Elisabeth. I am so happy for them!