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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

10 on Tuesday

I've been inspired. :) Last night I was working online (haha - just kidding, I was catching up on all the MANY blogs I follow...) and I noticed one of my favorite photographers does this random "10 on Tuesday" thing . . . there's no real rhyme or reason, but it's just stuff the kids are doing, she's doing, miscellaneous nonsense (I'm good at that!) and pictures to share. I thought to myself . . . FUN! :) Not that you all in internet-land have nothing better to do than read my random ramblings - but I know it gives my mom something to do in the afternoons and I'm all about helping her get through the day at the office! :) (Love ya, mom!)

So here goes - my first 10 on Tuesday . . .

1. Ella has been potty trained for over a year now (she was so good at it!) and we rarely have accidents. HOWEVER - three times on Sunday and already once today she has had an accident. She makes it to the bathroom and then apparently stands in front of the potty - unable to "get there" in time. Finally today I asked her, "WHY Ella, WHY??" Her reply? "Cuz Im Milo, a kitty cat." Uh . . . yeah . . . I informed her that cats in OUR house pee on the potty, so she'd better make it next time.

2. Micah is very VERY ready for school. He asks daily when he'll go to school, if we can do "homeschool" again here at home . . . and Ella cries every time he talks about it, knowing her best friend is going to go away every day soon.

3. A year ago I took these pictures of Micah and Ella . . . they have grown up so much! They look the same but, not. Right now they also look just as sleepy since they both have colds. :)


4. I have 3 small pictures of my Micah hanging in my home. 4 of Ella and one of Matthew and I. I have lots (LOTS) of ideas and things I plan to do with the photographs I've printed and plan to print - but for a photographer, I am pathetically behind on displaying any photographs in my own home.

5. If you have a Super Target within 50 miles of you - you MUST drive there and pick up some of their Archer Farm's ice cream. WAY better than anybody else's ice cream (believe me, I know!) - and they have this one called Caramel Sea Salt Pretzle that is TO DIE FOR. Seriously. If you ever EVER see it on sale, buy as much as you can. It won't last you long.

6. Ella dumped ALL of my CDs and DVDs out Sunday morning before church. (Blank ones) They are still laying on the floor next to me - I forbade her from "cleaning them up" knowing she'd ruin them before she actually got them up . . . and have not had a chance MYSELF to do it. What is this, Confession Tuesday or what??

7. Every day I have the SAME prayer request of the Lord (don't think me too shallow, ok?) - it is . . . "Dark hair, dark eyes. Dark hair, dark eyes, please Lord!" :) It would be so awesome to have this last baby girl look at least a LITTLE like her mama! :D

8. I make lists. Of EVERYTHING. And anything. I can tell how my anxiety levels are simply by how many lists I have around the house - on a "normal" day there's just a couple. On a day where I am FREAKING out, you'll find at least 5 of the SAME list, written out over and over (just in case...) and there's pads of paper and scraps scattered around my home of random lists. Things I shouldn't forget, need to do, people to call, places to go, housework, church stuff . . . the list goes on. ;) And for the record, NO, making them does NOT make me feel better - but I can't seem to stop!

9. Ella is going to marry me when she grows up. Micah is going to marry Caitlyn (who is the grand-daughter of Micah's grandma's next door neighbor. Confusing, eh?). They meet occasionally when they're both playing at their grandma's houses - apparently Caitlyn plans to marry Micah as well.

10. This 10 on Tuesday thing makes me very unproductive. I think I'll need to plan better in the future. It's not very interesting and I'm not sure I could have done worse. :) Oh well - here's to trying harder next week! :) (Or giving up and never doing it again....)


Lydia said...

I thought it was interesting! :)

Lisa McAmis said...

Hi Elisabeth!

Jim teases me and asks if I have a list of my lists. So, yeah, I can relate to that one!

I enjoyed your post.


Anonymous said...

thanks for giving me something to do on this afternoon! mom

Kate said...

I love it.....and I love YOU!!! :D Have a great weekend, friend!!