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Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Trivia Tart

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I've been waiting for the "go-ahead" from Sara to announce this - her website is live! YAY! Congrats Sara! :) Sara's been doing trivia at some local places on different nights of the week for a while now. At first I think she just thought it would be a nice time out, then it was appealing because she'd meet new people and get to stump them with her questions - but it surprised her when she realized how GOOD she was at it!

She's VERY good - everyone who attends thoroughly enjoys themselves (this is me, speaking for all of the "other" people who attend). Matthew and I try to attend as regularly as possible - at first we wanted to support Sara because we love her . . . but it turns out - she shows us a really good time! :) So now, while we do continue to support her - we go because it's a blast! :)

You can find her website here at http://www.thetriviatart.com/ and you can find out where she's going to be in the coming weeks. Here's the best part though - you can get the Trivia Tart to help host your party/shower/restaraunt - whatever! She has a WEALTH of knowledge having travelled extensively around the world and we always enjoy the questions that are inspired by this. Music rounds are always a hit - everyone moves to the beat as they desperately try to remember the artist's name and the name of the song . . . seriously - a GOOD time!

So if you're thinking you want to do something fun but different for your bridal shower, gathering of friends, or if you own a restaraunt/coffee house/pub and are interested in keeping your house full - give Sara a hollar! She really enjoys what she does and I guarantee you will too! :)

Some more pictures of her because . . . well, because I can. :)


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