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Friday, October 10, 2008

Madison (and Mariah)

One quick blog for the evening. :) My cousin, Nick, recently added baby #3 to their family - little Madison. :) I got to meet her today (and her older sister) and take some pictures of her! She wasn't really thrilled with my ideas - but she was not protesting loudly! She is SUCH a sweet little girl - I'm happy for them that #3 is so sweet and laid back - she really is a blessing. Mariah even let me snap a couple of her, so she's in here as well. Nicky, it was nice to finally meet you and I'm so glad you could bring those beautiful girls over today! And even though it was a bit of work, we definately got some good ones! :)

And now, big sister Mariah. Isn't she just beautiful?! :)
I have to be honest, she wasn't sure what to think of me . . . but that didn't stop me from trying!


Debbie said...

I love the pictures, I live in Ontario and don't get to see the kids on a regular bases, you have captured both the girls beautifully. Thank you!

Elisabeth Nixon Photography said...

You're so welcome! :) I'm glad you liked them. The girls were so sweet - Mariah terrorized "little kitty" which he TOTALLY deserved - and little Madison stole my heart :)

Elisabeth Nixon Photography said...
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