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Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Letter of Apology.

Doesn't everybody clean house like this?? :)

Today I proved, once again, that I am indeed losing my mind. At this point, even though I haven't said much on here (the blog) about being pregnant with our 3rd child, I figure you've all figured it out. If not . . . surprise! :) (It was a surprise to us, so it should be a surprise to you too!) With my first child, Micah, I definately noticed I was scattered . . . more than normal. With Ella, my second, there were some who mentioned I was becoming more and more like my mother. (Whom I absolutely adore and pray I can be even a TEENY bit like . . . and yet, she's the first to admit she's also lost her mind.) :)

Now the third time . . . yes, I am definately headed down the path to insanity. Each day brings a new opportunity for me to embarass myself - often publicly - and to hopefully bring a bit of levity to the day of those around me fortunate enough to witness my complete loss of mind. Today was no exception. Today was our cleaning day - there are people coming over tonight and I figured they probably wouldn't enjoy wading through the breakfast cereal my kiddos have left crumpled around on the carpet. And so, I brought out my dyson. My favorite cleaning tool. Not only is it a vacume and therefore capable of making me exceedingly happy (I'm a little neurotic - I like STRAIGHT lines, all in the same direction in my carpet and I'm the happiest when I achieve this goal) but it also is THE vacume of vacumes. The day we purchased our Dyson is a day we celebrate annually . . . ahh . . . Target, you've made me so happy - thank you for the additional percentage off on that very special day. :)

Unfortunately, today I thought my Dyson had let me down. The beater bar on the front wasn't beating. (At least I didn't think it was . . . ) I had laid it down and checked - nope, no beating. I studied the vacume for a while (and admired its beauty and suction strength) and decided to call the number that was so conveniently displayed on the side of the vacume . . . the Dyson Help Hotline . . . yes, that's what I'd do. For surely there was something gravely wrong with my Dyson and I was in dire need of help. I'll leave it there and let the following image explain what happened next. Once again, I have proven to myself (and the Dyson Help Hotline people) that I have indeed lost my mind.

And because I can't do ANYTHING without the help of my little princess . . .


Anonymous said...

what was wrong with it??

And I love that last picture!

Elisabeth Nixon Photography said...

Absolutely nothing. Apparently the handle of the vacume must be tilted back (in an operational position) before the beater will work. This is for my safety. (Meaning it's not safe to turn the vacume upside down and turn it on . . . )

Before he got to the "real" things that could be wrong, he said there were 3 things it "could" be. (meaning, for idiots like me) :)

1 - set to "carpet" instead of "hard floor". I said - Check, got it! :)

2 - recline handle and check the beater THEN. I said . . . "oh."

We never got to #3 :)

IVMarz said...

i LOVE these shots with the story. so photojournalistic! so retro! go girl :o)

Lena said...

WOW =)

Markus and Sarah said...
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Markus and Sarah said...

Nice legs sis! Love all the new pics on here...it only took me about 35 min to load them all today! :-)

Lisa said...

Hey Elisabeth,

Congrats on the pregnancy. I figured it out when I got your email about the event on Tuesday night (you posted the wrong date and blamed it on preggo brain). SO happy to hear that you guys are expecting. When are you due?


Elisabeth Nixon Photography said...

Thank you Lisa! :) Our due date is May 2 - putting us right over 12 weeks (I think??)

Baby #3 will also be my third c-section so I am a little nervous about that . . . but God is in control. :) He/She will probably be here at the end of April sometime! :)

Lisa said...

Well, I think April 28 would be good (that's Maggie's birthday)! I am so happy for you all. Best wishes for an easy pregnancy and smooth delivery.