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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lana & Family

I got to spend some time tonight with the Olver family. Unfortunately, the rains came through just as we were getting going, so we've rescheduled and will have more to share in a few days. :) Lucky for me, this is a photogenic bunch and even with the few minutes we did have, we got some sweet pictures.

Little Lana is the same age as my Ella and BOY would they have fun together! Lana was dressed in her Halloween "finest" as a beautiful fairy and she skipped, twirled, and flitted about for me. I have a TON of images to proof just from that . . . but I'll share my favorite two. The first is a fave because - honestly - how beautiful is SHE?!? The second one probably nobody will "get" but me . . . technically it's all wrong . . . and in so many ways it bugs me . . . but then - I can't delete it. I LOVE it. I love the motion of her twirl, I love her hands out in front "spelling" with her wand. :) So - wrong or not, it's an instant favorite of mine. Nobody else has to like it. :)
Lastly, here are some of the family - a beautiful bunch eh? I'm going to have to be funnier for our rescheduled session though . . . Lana's wit and humor FAR surpasses mine (what does that say about me?!) and while I won't share with you her "joke" you can see how much it makes her parents laugh. :)


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IVMarz said...

You've been busy! Those pictures are beautiful. I love the "action" shot.