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Friday, October 17, 2008

Heather, 7 months

While I was in Canada with Heather we figured it was a good time for a second maternity session. We tried to do stuff that wasn't so "typical" because Heather isn't really your typical gal - and she likes the sun flare as much as I do - so we went for THAT. :D (OK that's not true, I like sun flare MORE . . . if that's possible . . . )

Anyway, I figured I'd blog a couple of them. Oh and the last one - well, that's what happens when you're trying to shoot with kittens (and a big dog!) around. Griffen managed to stay out of most of my pictures, but Little Kitty made himself right at home. :)

(I can't decide if I like color or B&W better - I THINK I like the B&W better, but was unable to make up my mind. Sorry)
I like better...
Heather and her "boys"
Nosey Cats :)


IVMarz said...

awesome pix... I can't wait to be pregnant so I can hire you to do my maternity pix! haha - jk! I mean, one day #2 will come and all, but I can wait. I am spreading the word about you to my prego friends though.

Elisabeth Nixon Photography said...

Thanks V! :) I can't wait for the day I get a phone call from you that #2 is on the way, no matter how long that is. :) I sure do hope I'm at the top of your list because if not, I might FORCE you to let me photograph you!! :)

The Trivia Tart said...

That cat pic is so cool!

Lena said...

Love the pics