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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Normal life resumes...

Matthew picked me up at the airport last night really late - well, not as late as he was going to. I managed to squeeze myself on an earlier flight (landed in Orlando JUST as my original flight took off from Philly) so we planned to hang out at the airport together and wait for my luggage to come in at 11:30. BUT - I started falling asleep on my feet around 10pm (I am SOO tired - Heather - you wore me out girl!!) :) and we decided to leave the luggage and pick it up in the morning. We got home about the time my flight landed and BOY was I ever so glad that I wasn't still sitting at the airport waiting for it!

Don't try to call me on my cell - it's completely dead and I apologize! Apparently I left my charger in my suitcase ("nothing important in there at all," I said - oops!) so I won't be able to return any phone calls until later today.

I had a wonderful time in Canada with Heather - both of the weddings went really well this weekend and as soon as she blogs them I will immediately link you over to her site so you can see the results. I am SUPER pumped to see them myself! I have no pictures to add to THIS blog because it's all safely locked away at the airport - SO . . . just pretend there's something cool to look at. :)

Again - don't forget about next Tuesday - I'd love to see a bunch of people there, plus I'm thinking there will be some good deals available for those who are still in need of Christmas presents. (*hint hint) :)

Have a great Wednesday and I'll pull myself together for a better blog in the next day or so!

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IVMarz said...

Welcome Back!! :o) Can't wait to see ya