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Monday, September 29, 2008


I got to see little Zayne again today - last time he was over it was too dark to take pictures. I was very pleased when the sun finally came out from behind the fog and brightened up my house beautifully! I even got lots of cuddles in before we took some pictures. His mama and daddy are so proud of him - and they should be! He's one lucky dude, he's got a WONDERFUL mom and dad, and right now he is surrounded by LOTS (and I mean lots!) of visiting family. :)

Kara, I enjoyed photographing your little guy, even if it was for only a little while! I especially enjoyed the snuggles Zayne allowed me, so you'll have to bring him over a lot more so that he knows his Auntie Elisabeth better. :)

I got a little carried away playing with Zayne's pictures and must give a shout-out to Erika Jessop (http://erikajessop.wordpress.com/)- she created the silly little bear that is on this creation of mine. She, along with Eva Talley (http://evatalley.com/site/), keep me freshly supplied with LOTS of fun designs, brushes, cards and other miscellaneous NEEDS that I have. :) Thanks Erika - this little guy was fun to play with!


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Kate said...

OH MY STINKING HEAD!!!!! HE's soooooo cute!!! Wow, has he changed alot, getting big already....boohoo, totally jealous that you got snuggles and I am 2 hours by air away. *Sigh* LOVE you anyways, dearie!!

xoxo awesome shots!! :) Kari