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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Today . . .

Has finally come. We're taking Ella to the pediatric orthopedic doctor here in one of the big children's hospitals. When she was born her hips were displaced and we did some non-invasive stuff to help it. (She wore two diapers at the same time for months - it was really cute when she had such a big "bottom")!

Anyway, at one year we did some x-rays and everything came back great - so we haven't given it much thought. (Well, not true, but the doctors said all was well so we just forgot our worries.) I finally talked to Ella's pediatrician this last time around because she trips and falls ALL the time with her right leg. When she runs you can see the right leg flailing around to the side with each step - no wonder she trips. :) Both hips pop in and out when you move them . . . so the pedicatrician agreed it was maybe a good idea to give her hips a closer look.

Fastforward to today: I'm not that concerned - I kind of expect the doctor to take one look at Ella and say, "Why are you here? There's nothign wrong with her, she's just a kid and she runs wierd!" So that's what we're praying for - overprotective mama. :) BUT, on the off chance that it isn't just "overprotective mama" and "she's just runs wierd" we're going to get it checked out.

So if you think of it, pray for us this morning. That if there IS something wrong with her hips that the doctors will finally see it and we can try to fix it now, rather than 15 years from now when it would be MUCH more traumatizing for her. And mostly, that I really AM just an overprotective mama. :)

Thanks all! :D

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