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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Have I no shame?

The answer to that question is obvious - no. Yesterday we celebrated Micah's 5th birthday with all of our family in the area, and added in some of Micah's friends as well. My mom was not in attendence which is probably why the following happened . . . Allow me to narrarate:

Alright. This is a good idea, let's shove these cupcakes
in our mouths - first one done wins. Yeah, this isn't
a dumb idea at all, what with all our family and
a video camera around!
Hee hee! We feel so silly, are we really going to do this?
Ready, Set, . . . . . . GO!!!!Elisabeth has an obvious lead, as she has completely
cleared the frosting and the rest are still trying
to shove the cupcake in sideways . . . . . . Deanna, Jessica & Heidi are all fighting for second
place - each trying to be as lady-like as possible
in this barbaric race.Elisabeth has the entire cupcake in! With NO mess!
It's incredible folks - she has pulled WAY ahead
in the lead - will the others even be able to come close?Deanna is struggling to keep her composure and
stay ahead in the race . . . Jessica is just now realizing
she has been schooled.Deanna continues to fight for breath and claw
her way into second place as Heidi realizes
what just happened and almost loses her cupcake.
That was a close one folks.Elisabeth has succeeded in completely throwing
off her competition - they may not be in the running
at all - Deanna is attempting to keep her cupcake and
Jessica has already begun to lose hers. Heidi
has stepped out of the picture because her face
is definately not lady-like. Elisabeth looks pleased.Did I forget to mention that the cupcake (ALL of it) lodged itself
in my throat and threatened my very life? All for the official title of
"The cupcake contest WINNER - Kick Butt Champion"

I'm not even the least bit concerned about my friends in those pictures coming after me for posting them on the internet - by FAR I out-did them in several ways. (1) - I completely annihilated them in the cupcake eating contest. Didn't even get a crumb on my face. (2) - because of #1, I made myself look like a pig. And (3) - my dad managed to keep me RIGHT in the center of each picture, making me look like the bigger fool of the 4, since they go in and out of the series as they're trying to quell the laughter that threatens to undo their slim chances of beating me.

Let's not forget the whole reason for yesterday's gathering - Micah's birthday. :) He told me today that it was his best birthday EVER. Awesome. :)


Statton Family said...

Oh man! I should be so embarrassed, but I'm NOT!!! HA! That was so much fun, and I'm proud to say that I know the kick butt cupcake pounding champion.

Um, by the way, you put "quince" on Micah's picture at the bottom. Quince means 15.

Anonymous said...

I've never been more proud to be your friend.

Markus and Sarah said...

Ha, this is great! Had I been there, I would've WHOOPED your tail Elisabeth...you know it... :-)

IVMarz said...

LOL! hahahahahaha... great pix! Happy Birthday little man!