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Monday, July 21, 2008

Please pray for Levi . . .

I'd like to ask you to please pray for Levi, my sweet nephew. He is about to turn 4 in September - isn't he beautiful? He lives in the Philippines with his parents, they are missionaries there with New Tribes Mission.

Levi has been sick for the last while with diarrhea and this weekend Sarah (my sister) took the bus down to Manila with Emma (2 yr old daughter) and Robbie, a Filipino nurse and friend. Levi was admitted into the hospital and was given an IV to help rehydrate him. (Sarah has also been sick as well but they are more concerned with Levi right now, as his stomach was very bloated and he was beginning to not act like himself.)

They discharged him from the hospital after seeing a specialist and their diagnosis was "he had a minor virus which caused a little bit of diarrhea but that turned into an infection which damaged his intestines and cauased the chronic diarrhea." Tonight we got an email saying that Levi was awake much of last night with a very high fever and that he had been having a really bad headache, making him cry and scream. Levi is normally VERY calm - even when he is ill.

Fortunately Markus is now with them (having come down to drive them back home) and they are taking Levi back to the hospital now. Emma is glad to have her daddy with them and Sarah and Robbie are sponge bathing Levi to keep his fever down.

PLEASE pray that the doctors there will find the cause of this and that they will treat it correctly. Please pray that Sarah and Markus will not be afraid. Please pray that Levi will be well soon and also that Emma will STAY well. Sarah is concerned that Levi may have picked something up after spending so long in the hospital room - they were surrounded by a lot of REALLY sick kids, you never know what you might catch. Especially when you are already sick and your immune system is compromised.

Thank you for praying - and please continue to bring them before the Lord!!

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